Ys X: Nordics - Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide for Ys X: Nordics, including battle tips, recommended release line, and other useful information.

Ys X: Nordics - Beginner's Guide

Beginner’s Guide for Ys X: Nordics

Important Note

Some in-game terms are roughly translated from the Japanese version of Ys X: Nordics (Ys 10). We will update them with those in the English versions upon the game’s global release.

1. Prioritize Main Story Progression

Ys X has many features that are unlocked as you progress through the main story. In other words, in the early games (particularly from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3), there are many features that have not been unlocked, so it’s not possible to fully explore the world.

Particularly “Mana Sense“, which become available in Chapter 4, are needed to find a “buried treasures” that are necessary to increase the discovery rate on the island. Therefore, it is recommended that you begin exploring for island discovery rate completion after you have progressed to Chapter 4 and are able to use Mana Sense.

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2. What to do when the battle is difficult

Players who find the battles hard but don’t want to lower the difficulty will probably have hard time mainly with boss battles.

Basically, in boss battles, it is often more advantageous to get close to the boss, block attacks with combination guards, and use combination skills rather than fighting from a distance. The bosses are huge and often have flashy attacks, so it makes you want to keep your distance and fight in a safe zone but it’s actually better to fight closely and aim for a Perfect Guard. The trick to perfect guard is to use your guard early. If you guard early, you can often prevent the enemy’s attack with a strong combination guard even if you are a little late, so it is OK to guard early. Also, since combination skills have a defense-enhancing effect, you can reduce damage received even if you are attacked by an enemy while using combination skills. So, if you build your attacks around combination guards and combination skills, you’ll be fine on normal difficulty even if you attack a little bit roughly.

3. Recommended release line

Recommended Release Line:

  • Warrior qualities
  • Guardian Qualities
  • Instructor Qualities

The release line is a features that is unlocked in the middle of Chapter 2. The recommended release line is to unlock the first ability of red, blue, and yellow mana seeds at each level.

The most important thing in Release Line is to Stack Effects, and in many cases the bonus you receive even if you activate only one ability is only 1%. Therefore, by activating “Warrior Qualities,” “Guardian Qualities,” and “Instructor Qualities” at each level and increasing the effects one by one, you can expect modest but greater effects as the level increase.

Next Recommended Release Line:

  • Revenger
  • Quick Move

Optimism’s abilities “Revenger” and “Quick Move” are easy to take and easy to use. Revenger increases the rate at which the Revenge Gauge increases, giving you an advantage in boss battles. Quick Move increases the speed of your dash, making it useful for exploration.

4. Recapture occupied islands as soon as you found them

If you clear the “Battle for Recapture”, in the middle of Chapter 4, you will receive powerful rewards, and Fugil’s investigation will reveal event markers in the surrounding sea area. Therefore, as soon as you find an occupied island on the map, it is best to go and recapture it. 

By unlocking event markers on occupied islands, you can recruit companions (sailors) from all over the sea. Increasing the number of crew members will increase the facilities on the ship and the recapture battle skills, so it’s best to increase them whenever you can.

5. Don’t sell equipment

It is recommended that you keep equipment that you don’t need instead of selling it at the store. When Leif joins you in Chapter 4, you will be able to disassemble equipment on the ship and turn it into useful “basic beast materials” and “basic crafting materials.”

6. Always do fishing

Once you find a fishing spot, actively do fishing. You can do fishing up to three times at one fishing spot, so if possible, try to use all that three attempts to collect fish. In addition to being able to obtain valuable materials when you caught a fish, fish have many uses, such as disassembled by Sailor Cohen to become basic ingredients, giving to penguins, and reporting fishing results.

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