Ys X: Nordics - Chapter 2: Shield Brothers Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Shield Brothers walkthrough and guide for Ys X: Nordics (Ys 10), including all main story events, obtainable items, recruitable crew members and allies (Recapture Battle), enemies encountered, boss guides, unlocked features, rewards, and useful tips and tricks to clear the story section.

Ys X: Nordics - Chapter 2: Shield Brothers Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Shield Brothers Walkthrough and Guide for Ys X: Nordics

Important Note

The names of certain items, enemies, areas, NPCs, and features in this walkthrough are roughly translated from the Japanese version of Ys X: Nordics (Ys 10). We will update them with those of the English version upon the game’s global release.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Summary

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Summary
  1. Head to Balta’s mansion.
  2. Go to your room and rest.
  3. Look around.
  4. Go around the island and prepare.
  5. Sail to Lekuto Island.
  6. Find the cave.
  7. Advance through the Cave of Trials.
  8. Boss Battle: Geomandel
  9. Examine the runestone.
  10. Boss Battle: Iji
  11. Talk to the old man.
  12. Investigate the Scenery Island.
  13. Report back to the old man.

Ys X: Nordics All Chapter Walkthroughs

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Strategy

Head to Balta’s mansion.

Head to the Balta family mansion in the residential area through the market.

Go to your room and rest.

Look for the room prepared for Adol and rest.

Look around.

Leave Karja’s room and head to the next room for an event.

Afterwards, you will get Rune Bangle, Pirate Princess Outfit, Pirate Princess Outfit (Without Helmet).

Go around the island and prepare.

Leave the Balta family mansion and talk to the people in the fortress.

People to Talk To
  • Food Storage (Gunilda and others)
  • Field (Segun and others)
  • Blacksmith Holger
  • Beach (Fugil)
  • Port (Urval)

If you talk to Gunilda and the others in the food store, you will get 800G. Then, talk to Segun and the others in the field to get 1200G.

Use the money to buy all the new equipment for both of Adol and Karja. Their stats are much higher than what both characters start with so be sure to purchase them before leaving.

Sail to Lekuto Island.

Board the ship and sail to Lekuto Island

When operating the ship, you can press the left stick to enable auto-operation which will make movement easier.

Items found at sea are often materials needed for ship recovery and training. Gathering them here is more efficient than getting them as loot for winning battles so try to get as many as you can while heading to the destination.

A sea battle against 3 Grieger ships will begin on your way to the island.

Ship Conversation is unlocked and can be accessed from the Action Menu (Option or – button). This lets you listen to dialogue with you and your crew when out at sea.

Dock your ship on the west side of Lekuto Island.

Find the cave.

When you land on the island, Medicine and Adventure Bento will be unlocked. You will now be able to make recovery medicine and lunch boxes from your luggage near the dock.

Try to make as many heal potions as you can for the upcoming boss battle in this chapter.

Find the blue treasure chest to get Runma’s Amulet.

Advance through the Cave of Trials.

Enter the Cave of Trials.

When you enter the cave, Mana Seed and Release Line will be unlocked.

These allow you to unlock and upgrade Adol’s abilities. In general, you want to prioritize openings where you can immediately learn skills to use in battle.

Move forward while dodging the hammer and get ready battle Venus x4

Go through the tutorial on Speed Attacks. Enemy attacks indicated by the color blue can be avoided by dodging. Note that Speed ​​Attacks are often long range attacks.

Dash to avoid the arrow traps found in various areas of the cave.

Open the blue treasure chest to get Armor Amulet.

Use Mana Burst (press and hold 〇 or A) to break through the gimmicks and obstacles.

Mana Seed Refinement is unlocked when you reach the engraved stone. This lets you craft Mana Seeds using crystals with engraved stones.

Boss Battle: Geomandel

A boss battle against Geomandel will begin near the engraved stone.

Defend against the boss’ basic attacks with Combination Guard.

Avoid the boss’ Speed Attack by dodging and aim for Combination Attacks.

Open the blue treasure chests to get Warrior’s Bandana and Ax Amulet.

Examine the runestone.

Examine the runestone between the tips of the engraved stone.

Boss Battle: Iji

First Phase

Most of Iji’s attacks in the first phase consist of one-hit moves so use Combination Guard to block and follow-up with Combination Attack. Repeat the process to deplete the boss’ durability and damage them.

The second phase will begin when you have reduced the boss’ HP to about 70%.

Second Phase

Once Iji regains durability, the second phase will begin.

The boss will start to use a series of combo attacks. Defend against these with Combination Guard before doing Combination Attacks.

The boss will become much stronger in the third stage so if your HP is low, use a potion or Adventure Bento to heal.

Third Phase

When the boss regains its durability, the third phase of the fight will begin.

The boss’ jump Jump → Speed ​Attack sequence is particularly troublesome. What you can do is keep your distance when the boss’ body turns blue. If you get hit, you will take almost 300 damage (you will not be able to avoid it by dashing).

When you see the boss jump, immediately anticipate the follow-up Speed Attack and get away as far as you can.

Talk to the old man.

Talk to the old man inside the building on Scenery Island.

Investigate the Scenery Island.

Burn the vines with Mana Seed and proceed from the north of the Scenery Island. Open the blue chests to get Harp Amulet and Red Strong Arm.

Burn the vines again with Mana Seed and go inside the shrine. Open the red treasure chest to get Blessing Amulet.

Examine the 3 white treasure chests.

Report back to the old man.

Climb the stairs of the shrine. Then, go outside and report to the old man.

When you get the idea for a new way to use mana, examine Iji.

After the events, Intimacy will be unlocked. As you increase your Intimacy (bond) level with a character, you can watch special Interlude Events.

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