Ys X: Nordics - Release Line and Mana Abilities Guide

A guide on Release Line and Mana Abilities for Ys X: Nordics, including the Release Line description, how to use the Release Line, a list of Mana Abilities and their effects, and other useful information.

Ys X: Nordics - Release Line and Mana Abilities Guide

Release Line and Mana Abilities Guide for Ys X: Nordics

Important Note
Some in-game terms are roughly translated from the Japanese version of Ys X: Nordics (Ys 10). We will update them with those in the English versions upon the game’s global release.

What is Release Line?

A new skill tree system

Release Line is a new skill tree in the growth system of Ys X: Nordics. Adol and Karja has their own unique Release Line, which may be used to boost their combat abilities. But before you can unlock the Release Line’s branches, you will need to level up and earn Mana Points.

Planting Mana Seeds

If you plant Mana Seeds in empty slots on the skill tree, you will be able to unlock new Mana Skills that Adol and Karja can use.

There are four different tiers of Mana Abilities, each of which can be unlocked with the use of Mana Seeds. It is up to you whether you want to focus on offensive abilities or on a well-balanced build.

Four Branches of Mana Abilities
  • Valor – Attack Abilities
  • Fortitude – Defensive Abilities
  • Optimism – Increases all skills except for Attack and Defense.
  • Darkness – Increases or decreases some abilities under a certain condition.

Acquire new skills by unlocking specific spots.

You can learn new skills if you unlock the spots with skill icons, so if you want to get new skills, look for the spots that have a skill icon on them.

Each spot has a level.

Each spot has a level, and Mana Seeds can be planted according to the level.

However, later in the game, you will be able to use Mana Points to remove the level restrictions. This lets you put any Mana Seeds in any spot you wish to unlock.

How to Use Release Line

Use Mana Seeds to unlock new abilities.

You can put Mana Seeds in Release Lines to boost their basic stats, and you can also acquire Mana Abilities based on how many lines you’ve finished.

To complete a line, both ends must be filled with Mana Seeds of the same color.

In general, the more lines you have, the better skills you will be able to activate. Therefore, it is recommended to match the colors for each layer.

How to Get Mana Seeds

Find Rune Stones and learn about the ancestors of Obelia Bay.

Reading the tales that are carved into the runestones will earn you Mana Seeds.

Rune Stones can be discovered by exploring uncharted parts of Obelia Bay.

In addition, it is also possible to refine the Rune Stones by using specific materials.

Mana Abilities List and Effects

Please note that the abilities and effects listed below are roughly translated from the Japanese version of Ys X: Nordics (Ys 10). We will update them with those of the English version upon the game’s global release.


Mana Ability Effect
Warrior Qualities
Mana Blade
Burning Blade
Mercy for the Griegers
Critical Edge
Back Attack
Ruby Hearts
Supreme Counterattack
Heavy Skill
Brave Pride


Mana Ability Effect
Guardian Qualities
Mana Shield
Gauntlet of Flame
Resistance to the Griegers
Feather Step
Blade of Vitality
Sapphire Hearts
Pure Will
Strong Body
Solid Pride


Mana Ability Effect
Master Qualities
Quick Move
Excel Chain
The Secret of Success
Grimble Order
Amber Hearts
Fever Tempo
Millionaire Fighter
Optimistic Style


Mana Ability Effect
Double-Edged Sword
Dirty Fang
Wisdom of a Cornered Mouse
Jet Black Thread
Hungry Beast
Sharp Numbling Needle
Onyx Hearts
Sinner’s Blade
Disappointed Efforts
Dark Spirit God

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