Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Terrain List

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List of Terrain Types Outdoors Terrain Description Movement Cost Effects Grasslands Neutral terrain. – None Plain Neutral terrain. – None Forest Defensive terrain for all except fliers. – +30% Avoidance +1 Defense Woods Defensive terrain [ … ]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Calendar System

Holiday and Special Event List

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Holidays and Special Events Guardian Moon (1st Month) Day Event Details 4 Blue Lion Ingrid‘s Birthday, Gardening Event, Golden Fish Higher chance to find golden fish (Part 1) Higher chance to find big fish (Part [ … ]

Fire Emblem : Three Houses - Personal Ability

Personal Ability List

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List of Personal Abilities Personal Abilities are character-specific skills that each unit starts with. Unlike other skills, each character can only have one and they cannot be transferred or deleted. Icon Character Skill Effect Byleth [ … ]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Choir Practice Guide

Choir Practice Guide

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How to Join a Choir Practice Apart from reading notes at the Advice Box, another optional activity Byleth can do during his/her free day is to join a Choir Practice. Look for the Choir Coordinator [ … ]

Free Day Activities

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Free Days at the Monastery Being a professor at the Officer’s Academy is not all about work. Class is out during weekends, giving you time to engage in a number of other activities. Participating in [ … ]

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Weapon List

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Weapons Below is a list of weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses divided by type. The tables include the weapon’s name, its stats, and how to obtain it. Swords Weapon Name Stats Durability Weight Special [ … ]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Online Features

Online Features

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Online Activities Buying and Selling Items When playing online, Garreg Mach Monastery will be populated by “foreign students.” These are characters who other players from around the world have trained in their own academies. Connected [ … ]

Motivation System

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What is Motivation? Motivation is a student’s stamina for learning. It appears as a mood gauge on the upper right corner of the screen during a tutoring session. Since a student’s growth depends on how [ … ]

Budding Talents

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What are Budding Talents? A budding talent is when a student overcomes the challenge of developing a skill they are naturally bad at. A student will learn the specific skill faster onward, including new actions [ … ]

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