Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Free Day Activities

A list of activities in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, particularly weekend and free exploration activities. Also, the benefits to the player when engaging in them.

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Free Days at the Monastery

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

Being a professor at the Officer’s Academy is not all about work. Class is out during weekends, giving you time to engage in a number of other activities. Participating in them grants you a variety of benefits in combat while being a nice break from academic life.

Doing certain activities expends your available actions per day, indicated at the top of the screen. You can increase its limit by gaining a higher professor level. This can be done by doing well in tutoring sessions, bonding with students, fulfilling requests, and other activities.

Invite Students or Colleagues to a Meal

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

Dining together in the cafeteria with students or fellow instructors raises support levels in battle. It can also increase the motivation of students, allowing you to tutor them longer.

You can invite up to two people to dine with you at a time. Be sure to order a dish that your students or colleagues like to gain more support levels and motivation. You can choose from the day’s special dish or order from the full menu.

Dining Hall Menu

There will occasionally be special events at the cafeteria. The Faculty & Knight Mixer, for instance, serves meals that increase the support levels gained when dining with a fellow instructor and a knight of Seiros.

Holidays and Special Events


Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

You can grow produce and flowers at the garden using any plant species obtained. Produce are used as ingredients for dishes at the cafeteria. Flowers, on the other hand, can be gifted to characters to raise their support levels.

House-versus-House Tournaments

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

You can select a student to represent your class in house-versus-house competitions. Prizes are awarded based on your chosen student’s place in the tournament. Intermediate seals used to take certification exams can also be obtained as rewards.

Go Fishing

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

Going to the pier lets you catch fish used in dishes at the cafeteria. You will need to tug on your rod at the right time to catch your game. Some rare fish can only be caught on special days, so be sure not to miss them.

Fishing Guide

Amiibo Gazebo

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

Special rewards can be obtained at the Amiibo Gazebo by using a compatible Amiibo figure for the game.

Amiibo Gazebo Rewards

Tea Parties

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Tea Party with Petra

You can invite a character to a tea party and enjoy light conversation with them. Remember to choose a topic that interests your guest to let get them to be active in the conversation. When your guest gets excited, you may start a special conversation with them to significantly raise support levels.

Celebrate Someone’s Birthday

Your calendar will be marked by special events and holidays, including someone’s birthday on a weekend. Buying them gifts to celebrate allows you to boost a student’s support levels.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Seminar List

Seminars are weekend-only activities that increase up to two of a group of students’ skills. You can choose the lecturer based on their expertise or hold the seminar yourself. Each seminar accommodates up to six attendees. Note that will automatically be required to attend, along with five students, if you are not the lecturer.

Seminar List

Unlike tutoring sessions, seminars increase the motivation of participants. You cannot, however, choose the attendees of a seminar.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

You can fulfill requests posted on the bulletin board to receive a variety of items as rewards. These range from weapons, armor, and items. Doing requests also nets you renown points to obtain increased level gain during instructing sessions and even additional uses for divine pulse.

Renown List

Check the Advice Box

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Advice Box Guide

Various mystery characters will be asking for help in their problems in the advice box each month. Giving sound suggestions increases support levels. Remember to answer the question in the advice box within the given time limit.

Advice Box Guide

Free Battles

Fire Emblem Three Houses Free Day

Free battles lets you gain extra combat experience, money, and items during weekends and holidays. Special missions called paralogues may also be available at certain dates. These missions deal with a specific character’s story and the struggles they face. Completing them also raises support levels along with other special rewards.

Paralogue Battle List

Freely Explore the Monastery

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Female Byleth

Interacting with people at the monastery is a good way to pass the time. You may occasionally find lost items dropped by their owners. It is also possible to give characters gifts even when it is not their birthday. Both of these actions increase support levels.

Lost Items List


Resting allows your students to recover motivation, letting the weekend go by without doing anything. This is good for when you want to rigorously tutor your students the following week.

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