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Basic information on the motivation system in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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What is Motivation?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Motivation

Motivation is a student’s stamina for learning. It appears as a mood gauge on the upper right corner of the screen during a tutoring session. Since a student’s growth depends on how long you focus on them, a high level of motivation is favorable.


How Motivation Works

The motivation gauge has a maximum of four levels. Each tutoring session consumes one level of the bar. Students normally start out with two, allowing you to have at least two sessions with them at a time.  You can, however, replenish it with feedback between sessions.

Depending on the session’s outcome, you will be able to praise, console, or critique a student. When a student gets a perfect score, praising them replenishes one level of motivation. When a student does poorly, you can either console or critique them for a chance to recover one level of motivation. Note that each student responds differently to each of the two actions. This means that consoling someone may not always motivate them and critiquing does not always discourage. Try to know the personalities of students to get an idea of how they respond to feedback.

The feedback option is not available when a student does great or good. You will not be able to replenish the motivation gauge in these cases.

Increasing Motivation Outside Tutoring Sessions

Raising a student’s motivation can be done by bonding with them during meals, tea time, or helping them in their personal problems. You can also increase motivation by fighting alongside them in battle. Resting during free days also recovers their motivation. Students coming in fully motivated ensures that they get at least four tutoring sessions with you at a time. This is to make the most out of each learning opportunity and ensure efficient growth.

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