Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How to Recruit Characters from Other Houses

A guide on recruiting students from different houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including the advantages of doing so.

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Inviting Other Characters to your House

Fire Emblem Three Houses How to Recruit Other Characters

At the beginning of the game, you will need to choose which of the three student houses you would like to handle. Upon choosing one, your life as a professor will focus on teaching those from the chosen house. It is possible, however, to recruit students from other houses.

To do this, you must have reached adequate levels in their skills of interest. Mercedes of the Blue Lions, for example, will only join your house if you have high enough magic and bow levels.

Members of the faculty can also be recruited as allies. Many of them are extremely powerful which can help you take on tougher battles as you progress through the story. Expect the conditions to recruit them to be more challenging than students’, however.

Based on official gameplay, you can recruit up to three characters from different houses. We will update this information when it comes out.

Why Do This?

There are a few important benefits of recruiting characters from a different house. For one, you can expand strategic options in battle by recruiting characters with very useful inherent skills.

Another thing to consider is that the game will progress five years in the story. This means that, as the three major territories start to wage war against each other, you will be pitted against former students you did not recruit. Some of them will grow into very powerful and troublesome foes. Getting them on your side prevents this while gaining their assistance. You will also be denying rival armies the utility offered by these characters.

Note that house leaders cannot be persuaded to change colors. You are sure to meet two of them in battle later in the story.

Use Mission Assistance

A temporary option in adding students from another house is called Mission Assistance. Students can be borrowed for one month to aid you in combat. This is helpful because you will be able to test your chosen student’s battle capability and skills together with your other units prior to recruitment.

List of Recruitable Characters

Black Eagles

Student Stats Required
EdelgardEdelgard Not Recruitable
PetraPetra Dexterity and Riding

Blue Lions

Student Skills Required
DimitriDimitri Not Recruitable
MercedesMercedes Magic and Bows
Annette Magic and Faith

Golden Deer

Student Skills Required
ClaudeClaude Not Recruitable
RaphaelRaphael Strength and Armour
LorenzLorenz Charm and Reason
LysitheaLysithea Magic and Faith
MarianneMarianne Magic and Riding
LeonieLeonie Strength and Lances

Officer’s Academy

Professor Skills Required
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Shamir IconShamir Level

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