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Personal Ability

Personal Abilities are character specific skills that each unit starts with. Unlike other skills, each character can only have one and they cannot be deleted. Currently, the skill names and effects are roughly translated. We will update this list once Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases on July 26, 2019.

Icon Character Skill Effect
BylethByleth Professor’s Guidance Unit and allies on the team earn 1.2x experience.
Professor’s Guidance+ Unit deals two extra damage during combat. Unit and allies on the team earn 1.2x experience.
EdelgardEdelgard Imperial Lineage If unit takes no action except Wait, grants Res +4 for one turn. Unit earns 1.2x experience.
Imperial Lineage+ Unit earns 1.2x experience.
DimitriDimitri Royal Lineage Unit earns 1.2x experience.
Royal Lineage+ If unit is at full HP, grants Avo +20 to unit. Unit earns 1.2x experience.
ClaudeClaude Leicester Lineage Unit earns 1.2x experience.
Leicester Lineage+ Allows unit to pass through spaces occupied by foes. Unit earns 1.2x experience.
HubertHubert Officer Duty Boosts Gambit Might by 5.
DorotheaDorothea Songstress At start of the turn, restores 10% HP to adjacent allies.
DedueDedue Staunch Shield If unit does not move, grants Def +4 for 1 turn.
FelixFelix Lone Wolf When battalion is not yet summoned or when their HP falls to 0, grants unit damage +5.
LorenzLorenz Distinguished House When battalion is summoned, grants unit damage +2.
HildaHilda Advocate If unit enters battle and is adjacent to a male ally, grants unit damage +3.
FerdinandFerdinand Confidence When HP is full, Hit and Avoid +15.
BernadettaBernadetta Persecution Complex If HP is less than full, Attack +5.
MercedesMercedes Live to Serve When healing an ally, user gains an equal amount of HP.
AsheAshe Lockpick Unit does not need a key to unlock doors and chests.
RaphaelRaphael Goody Basket At the start of the turn, unit has luck% to recover 10% HP.
LysitheaLysithea Mastermind Unit earns 2x experience.
CasparCaspar Born Fighter Adjacent foes receive Avoid -10 during combat.
LinhardtLinhardt Catnap If the unit waits without performing an action, restores 10% HP.
PetraPetra Hunter’s Boon Critical Rate +20 when foe has less than 50% HP.
Annette Perseverance When Rally is used on allies, grants additional Strength +4.
SylvainSylvain Philanderer When adjacent to a female ally, damage dealt to foe +2 while damage received from foe -2.
Ingrid Lady Knight When using a Gambit, Might +3 and Hit Rate +5.
IgnaceIgnatz Watchful Eye Hit Rate +20.
MarianneMarianne Animal Friend When adjacent to a horseback or flying ally, restores 20% HP at the start of the turn.
Leonie Rivalry If unit enters battle and is adjacent to a male ally, grants unit damage +2 and damage received -2.
Jeralt Blade Breaker If unit damages foe, foe suffers Str/Def -6 for 1 turn after combat.
Alois Compassion Use Rally to grant Luck +8 to an ally.
Gilbert Veteran Knight Unit takes 2 less damage while in formation with a battalion.
Catherine Fighting Spirit Unit takes 5 less damage when no battalion is assigned or when battalion endurance is 0.
Hanneman Crest Scholar Use Rally to grant Mag +4 to an ally.
Manuela Infirmary Master Adjacent allies gain Crit Avo +10 during combat.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Shamir IconShamir Survival Instinct If unit initiates combat and defeats foe, grants Str/Mag/Dex/Spd +4 for one turn.
Seteth Guardian Adjacent female allies deal 3 extra damage during combat.
Flayn Lily’s Pose Adjacent allies take 3 less damage during combat.
Cyril Aptitude Makes each stat 20% more likely to increase on level up.
Jeritza Murderous Intent If unit initiates combat, grants Hit +20 during combat.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - AnnaAnna Business Property Coming Soon

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