Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Budding Talents

Basic information on budding talents in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Included are the ways to trigger these skills in characters.

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What are Budding Talents?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blooming Talents

A budding talent is when a student overcomes the challenge of developing a skill they are naturally bad at. A student will learn the specific skill faster onward, including new actions in battle. A skill that a student struggles in learning has a red arrow pointing downward beside it on the tutoring menu.

A talent will bud after tutoring the student in their weak skill a certain number of times. These skills have three stars next to them. When all three light up, a once weak skill will become a strong one.


How to Trigger Budding Talents

Motivating students can help them get over hurdles in learning. To increase a student’s motivation, interact with them frequently at meals, tea time, and other activities during weekends and holidays. Motivation can also rise when you give sound advice to a student’s personal problems.

Taking the time to focus on budding talents helps in unlocking more of a student’s potential. It is, however, important not to lose sight of where they naturally excel at. You will have to decide whether to raise an army of specialists that complement each other or a force of well-rounded fighters.

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