Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Ruby Weapon

A guide for Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy 7. Included are its stats, strategies, and tips for defeating it.


After defeating Ultima Weapon and at least one other random battle, a red, tentacle-looking thing will appear in Corel Desert. Corel Desert is the area around the Gold Saucer. If you touch the tentacle while riding something like the airship, Ruby Weapon will appear and you will be able to fight it.


Prepare Before Battle

Ruby Weapon has very high attack and defense and cannot be affected by anything other than non-elemental attacks. You need to, at the very least, use HP Up materia to get each party member’s HP above 9000 HP.

The enemy skill White Wind is very useful for recovering HP during the battle. Furthermore, Ruby Weapon can inflict numerous status effects like Petrify, Frog, Mini, or poison, so equip characters with Ribbon.

When it comes to offense, equip non-elemental summons like Bahamut or Nights of Round and non-elemental enemy attacks.

First Form

Remove Two Characters from the Fight

The Ruby Weapon’s first form has an increadible defense, making hitting it with heavy amounts of damage rather difficult. Even so, you should start the battle with two players knocked out and continue this way until the end of the first stage.

If you have all three party members up during this first stage, Ruby Weapon will constantly use its Whirlsand ability until only a single party member remains. Whirlsand instantly removes a party member from the battle and can very well make the fight unwinnable. As such, keeping two party members down until Ruby Weapon exposes its tentacles is the best way to ensure victory. Revive the downed party members after the shift and continue the battle as usual.

Tentacled Form

Don’t Attack the Tentacles

If you defeat the tentacles, Ruby Weapon will revert to its first form and thereby be incredibly resistant to attacks once again. Stick to only attacking its main body during the fight.

Non-Elemental Attacks

Ruby Weapon’s main body is immune to damage from anything except for non-elemental attacks. Typically the defense-ignoring attack of Knights of Round is the most efficient way to attack, however other non-elemental attacks like Bahamut ZERO are also good.

Heal and Buff the Party

Ruby Weapon’s attacks are all very strong, but many can be weakened with MBarrier. As such, the enemy skill Big Guard can be used to make dealing with the boss’ attacks much easier. White Wind is a great enemy skill when it comes to restoring health. Avoid letting the health of any character fall below 5000 to ensure survival.

Depleat its MP

When you use Knights of Round, Ruby Weapon will retaliate with Ultima. In order to prevent this, attack with the Enemy Ability Magic Hammer in order to deplete Ruby Weapon’s MP and thereby keep it from using Ultima. Magic Hammer can be learned from the Razor Weed enemy in Wutai.

Exchanging Desert Rose

Talk to the same man in Kalm’s Private House’s second floor to whom you exchanged the Earth Harp. You will be able to exchange the Desert Rose for a Golden Chocobo.

Ruby Weapon Stats

Level Weakness
800,000 3000
45,000 50,000
Gil Resistance
30,000 Absorb: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth
Block: Poison, Gravity, Water
Status Effect Resistance
All Effects

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