Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Emerald Weapon

A guide on the Emerald Weapon boss in Final Fantasy 7. Includes strategies, tips, and information on the boss itself.


The Emerald Weapon can be found underwater after acquiring the submarine. Players have to defeat the enemy in 20:00 or less unless they have the Underwater Materia equipped. If 20 minutes pass and Emerald Weapon is not defeated, the party will all die.


Underwater Materia

You can obtain the Underwater Materia by doing the following:

  1. Head to the path facing the submarine dock in Junon. This is the area that becomes the underwater tunnel.
  2. Defeat a Ghost Ship with Morph in order to receive a Guide Book.
  3. Give the book to a man on the second floor of the Private House in Kalm.

Character Equipment

Emerald weapon can strike for around 8000 damage, so it is important to properly gear up and level the party before engaging with the boss. Most importantly, use HP up materia to get each party member’s HP up to 9999.

When the Eyes on Both Shoulders are Closed

Lightning Attacks

Emerald Weapon is weak to electricity. A weapon equipped with Elemental + Lightning material and Continuous Slash will allow the character to deal heavy damage to the boss.

Gravity Magic

As it is resistant to it, Emerald Weapon will only take half damage from gravity attacks. However, Emerald weapon has 1,000,000 HP, so Gravity will still deal 9999 damage. Equip the caster with Gravity + Quadra Magic or W Magic and attack with Demi3. You can repeat this attack by equipping another character with Mime and miming the Demi3 caster for quick, heavy damage.

When the Eyes on One Shoulder are Open

Survivng Aire Tam Storm

After a few turns with at least one eye open, Emerald Weapon will use a powerful attack called Aire Tam Storm. This is a powerful non-elemental attack that deals damage to the whole party equal to the number of materia equipped x 1111. As having nine materia equipped will cause 9999 damage, it is unlikely that anyone in the party will survive. However, attacking and defeating an eye will cause it to close and thereby prevent the attack. Whenever an eye opens, be sure to defeat it as quickly as possible.


If Emerald Weapon successfully uses Aire Tam Storm, there is a high likelihood that the entire party will be wiped out. However, you can ensure that the fight continues by equipping a character with Final Attack + Phoenix to revive the party on knock out.

Use Ultima

In order to quickly close an eye after it opens, have a character use an Ultima and W Magic pairing for quick damage.

Beware Counters

Attacking Emerald Weapon’s main body while an eye is open will cause it to counterattack. Be mindful of the party’s health.

Exchanging the Earth Harp

After you have acquired the Earth Harp from Emerald Weapon, you can go to the second floor of the public house in Kalm to exchange it. There is man there, the same that you talked to before to receive the Underwater Materia, who will exchange either a Master Magic, Master Summon, or Master Command materia for it.

Emerald Weapon Stats

Level Weakness
?? Body: Lightning
Eyes: Fire
1,000,000 100
50,000 50,000
Gil Resistance
50,000 No effect: Poison, Earth
Absorb: Ice, Water
Resist: Gravity
Status Effect Resistance
Immune to all

Obtainable Items

Drops Steal
Earth Harp
Morph Enemy Move

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