Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Optional Characters Yuffie and Vincent

A guide on how to obtain both of the optional characters in Final Fantasy 7, Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Search the Forest

You will be able to find a number of forests on the field map after Junon. After wandering around the forest long enough, you will encounter Yuffie. Her appearance rate is a bit low, but increases as you get closer to Wutai. The quickest place you can find her is the forest just outside the Mythril Mine.

Choose the Correct Answers

A dialogue will open with Yuffie after you win the fight with her. You will have to correctly answer a number of questions. If you make a mistake, Yuffie will steal some gil and run away. If you fail to add her to the party, you will have to encounter her again by wandering around the forest. Yuffie will also steal gil and run away if you use the save point next to Yuffie.

Statement Answer
“Let’s go one more time!” X “Alright”
O “Not interested”
“You’re pretty scared of me, huh?” O “……petrified”
X “You’re gonna lose again.”
“I’m really gonna leave! REALLY!” X “Go ahead…”
O “Wait a second!”
“You want me to go with you?” O “…….That’s right.”
X “You kiddin’?”
“All right! I’ll go with you!” X “……what’s your name?”
O “……let’s hurry on.”

Vincent Valentine


You can meet Vincent after Cosmo Canyon by entering the Shinra Mansion. Return to the mansion after clearing the story there in order to find Vincent and recruit him to your party.


Unlock the Safe

It is necessary to remember a specific code in order to unlock the safe in the rightmost room on Shinra Mansion’s second floor. The combination is:

  1. 36 Right
  2. 10 Left
  3. 59 Right
  4. 97 Right

To enter, for example, 36 right, hold the right button down until you reach 36. Failing once leads to failing the event.

Defeat Lost Number

You will fight the Lost Number boss after successfully opening the safe. The boss uses both magical and physical attacks until it reaches half HP. At half health, it will shift to either completely using magical or physical attacks, depending on what type of attack brought it below half health. Even though the boss has high magic defense, lowering it to half health with a magic attack will lower the boss’ defense. Therefore, it is advised to attack the boss with magic attacks until half health.

Open the Basement

Lost Number will drop a key to the mansion’s basement on death. Go from the room with the safe down to the basement. You can use the key to open the underground door found on the way to the study.

Talk to Vincent

You can find and talk to Vincent by examining the coffin in the basement. First talk about Sephiroth and then ask who he is. After that, return above ground and Vincent will join your party.

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