Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Equipment

Lists of various equipment in Final Fantasy 7. Includes stats and how to acquire each, sorted by equipment type.

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Cloud’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Buster Sword 18 Cannot be Sold
Rune Blade 40 Double Materia Growth
Mithril Saber 23
Enhance Sword 43 8 Materia Slots in 4 Groups
Hardedge 32
Nail Bat 70 High Critical Rate, No Materia Slots
Butterfly Edge 39
Yoshiyuki 56 Attack power increases by 56 for each downed party member.
Murasame 51
Apocalypse 88 High Magic Power and Raises Spirit
Organics 62
Heaven’s Cloud 93 High Magic Damage
Crystal Sword 76 Highest Attack among Purchasable Swords
Ragnarok 97 High Magic Power and Raises Spirit
Force Stealer 36 Double Materia Growth
Ultima Weapon 100 More Attack the Higher your HP. No Materia Growth.

Tifa’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Leather Glove 13 Increased Critical Rate
Motor Drive 27 Double Materia Growth
Metal Knuckle 18 Increased Critical Rate
Platinum Fist 30 Double Materia Growth
Mythril Claw 24 Increased Critical Rate
Kaiser Knuckle 44
Grand Glove 31 Increased Critical Rate
Work Glove 68 High Critical Rate, No Materia Slots
Tiger Fang 38 Increased Critical Rate
Power Soul 28 Attack Power Doubles when Afflicted with Death Sentence or Dying. Double Materia Growth
Diamond Knuckle 51 Increased Critical Rate
Master Fist 38 Master Fist’s Power Increases by 38 for each Status Tifa is Afflicted by.
Dragon Claw 62 Increased Critical Rate
God Hand 86 High Accuracy, Rarely Misses
Crystal Glove 75 Increased Critical Rate, Highest Attack among Purchasable Gloves
Premium Heart 99 Attack Increases the Higher your Limit Gauge. No Materia Growth

Aerith’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Guard Stick 12 Raises Defense and Spirit
Wizard Staff 28 Double Materia Growth
Mythril Rod 16
Wizer Staff 33 Double Materia Growth
Full Metal Staff 22
Fairy Tale 37
Striking Staff 32 Increased Critical Rate
Umbrella 58 High Critical Rate and Defense, No Material Slots
Prism Staff 40
Princess Guard 52 Power Increases by 52 for each Downed Ally. Increases Defense and Spirit.
Aurora Rod 51 Strongest among Purchasable Rods

Barret’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Gatling Gun 14 Cannot be Sold
W Machine Gun 30 Double Materia Growth
Assault Gun 17
Drill Arm 37 High Critical Rate, Double Materia Growth
Cannon Ball 23
Solid Bazooka 61 8 Materia Slots in 4 Groups
Atomic Scissor 32
Rocket Punch 62 High Critical Rate, No materia Growth
Heavy Vulkan 39
Enemy Launcher 35
Chainsaw 52
Pilebanger 90 Attack and Critical Rate are High, but Accuracy is Low
Microlaser 63
Max Ray 97 High Magic Power
AM Cannon 77 Strongest among Purchasable Guns
Missing Score 98 Attack Increases the Higher your Equipped Materia’s AP.

Red XIII’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Mythril Clip 24
Diamond Pin 33
Magic Comb 37 Double Materia Growth
Platinum Barrette 39 Double Materia Growth
Hairpin 57 High Critical Rate and Accuracy, No Materia Slots
Silver Barrette 40 Cannot be Sold
Gold Barrette 50
Sent Clip 58
Seraph Comb 68 Cannot be Sold
Adaman Clip 60
Spring Gun Clip 87 High Magic Power
Crystal Comb 76 Strongest among Purchasable Clips
Behemoth Horn 91 Defense and Spirit is High, Accuracy is Low
Limited Moon 93 Attack Increases the Higher your MP, No Materia Growth.

Cait Sith’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Silver M-phone 28
Yellow M-phone 36
Black M-phone 31 Double Materia Growth
White M-phone 35 Double Materia Growth
Green M-phone 41
Gold M-phone 58 8 Materia Slots in 4 Groups
Red M-phone 60
Trumpet Shell Increased Critical Rate 68
Crystal M-phone 74 Strongest among Purchasable Megaphones
Starlight M-phone 88 Increases Defense, 8 Materia Slots in 4 Groups
Battle Trumpet 95 Increase Critical Rate, No Materia Growth
HP Shout 95 Attack Increases the Higher your Remaining HP, No Materia Growth

Cid’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Spear 44
Mop 68 High Critical Rate, No Materia Slots
Slash Lance 56
Viper Halberd 58 Double Materia Growth
Trident 60
Javelin 62 Double Materia Growth
Mast Ax 64
Dragon Lance 66 Triple Materia Growth
Partisan 78 Strongest among Purchasable Spears
Grow Lance 78
Scimitar 86 Triple Materia Growth
Spirit Lance 92 High Magic Power, Raises Spirit
Venus Gospel 97 Attack Increases the Higher your Remaining MP
Flayer 100 High Attack

Yuffie’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
4-point Shuriken 23
Wind Slash 30 Double Materia Growth
Boomerang 30
Twin Viper 36 Double Materia Growth
Pinwheel 37
Razor Ring 49
Hawkeye 61
Magic Shuriken 64 Increased Critical Rate and Speed
Rising Sun 68 Materia Growth Doubled
Superball 68 High Critical Rate, No Materia Slots
Spiral Shuriken 68 Increased Critical Rate
Crystal Cross 74 Strongest among Purchasable Shuriken
Oritsuru 90 High Magic Power
Conformer 96 Attack Increases with Enemy Level. No Materia Slots.

Vincent’s Weapons

Name Attack Power Characteristics
Quicksilver 38
Sniper CR 42 High Accuracy, Rarely Misses
Shotgun 48
Peacemaker 38 No Materia Growth
Buntline 48 High Accuracy, Double Materia Growth
Shortbarell 51
Silver Rifle 62 High Critical Rate and Accuracy, No Materia Slots
Lariat 64 High Accuracy
Long Barrel R 66 High Accuracy, Rarely Misses. 8 Materia Slots in 4 Sets
Winchester 73 High Accuracy, Strongest among Purchasable Guns
Outsider 80 High Accuracy
Supershot ST 97 High Attack, Magic, and Accuracy. No Materia Growth.
Death Penalty 99 Attack Increases with the Number of Enemies Vincent Defeats. No Materia Growth.


Name Defense Characteristics
Bronze Bangle 8
Iron Bangle 10
Titan Bangle 14
Mythril Armlet 18
Carbon Bangle 27
Silver Armlet 34
Gold Armlet 46
Diamond Bangle 57
Crystal Bangle 70 Strongest among Purchasable Bangles
Platinum Bangle 20 Double Materia Growth
Rune Armlet 43 Double Materia Growth
Edincoat 50 Magic Power Increased
Wizard Bracelet 6 Low Defense, High Magic Power, and 8 Materia in 4 Sets
Adaman Bangle 93 High Defense
Gigas Armlet 59 High Attack, No Materia Growth
Imperial Guard 82 High Defense
Aegis Armlet 55 Raises Dodge and Magic Dodge
Fourth Brace 74 Raises Magic Damage
Warrior Bangle 96 No Materia Growth
Shinra Beta 30
Shinra Alpha 77
Four Slot 12
Fire Armlet 72 Absorbs Fire Attacks
Aurora Armlet 76 Absorbs Ice Attacks
Bolt Armlet 74 Absorbs Lightning Attacks
Dragon Armlet 58 Resists Fire, Ice, and Electric Attacks
Minerva Band 60 Nullifies Fire, Ice, Poison, and Holy Attacks
Escort Guard 62 Nullifies Earth, Lightning, Water, and Poison Attacks
Mystile 65 High Dodge and Magic Dodge
Ziedrich 100 Halves all elemental damage. Increases Attack, Magic, and Magic Dodge.
Precious Watch 0
Chocobobracelet 35 Raises Speed and Luck


Name Characteristics
Power Wrist Strength +10
Protect Vest Vitality +10
Earrings Magic +10
Talisman Spirit +10
Chocofeather Speed +10
Amulet Luck +10
Champion Belt Strength +30
Vitality +30
Poison Ring Nullifies and Absorbs Poison Attacks
Tough Ring Vitality +50
Spirit +50
Circlet Magic +30
Spirit +30
Star Pendant Prevents Poison and Nullifies Poison Attacks
Silver Glasses Prevents Darkness
Headband Prevents Sleep
Fairy Ring Prevents Poison and Darkness, Nullifies Poison Attacks
Jem Ring Prevents Paralysis, Petrification, and Gradual Petrify
White Cape Prevents Frog and Mini
Sprint Shoes Grants Haste
Peace Ring Prevents Confusion, Anger, Berserk, and Sadness
Ribbon Prevents All Status Effects
Fire Ring Nullifies Fire Damage
Ice Ring Nullifies Ice Damage
Bolt Ring Nullifies Electric Damage
Tetra Elemental Nullifies Fire, Ice, Electric, and Earth Damage
Safety Bit Prevents Death, Death-Sentence, Petrification, and Gradual Petrify
Fury Ring Grants Berserk
Curse Ring Strength +35, Magic +35, Speed +15, Vitality +15, Spirit +15, Luck +10
Applies Death Sentence at the Start of Battle.
Protect Ring Applies Barrier and Mbarrier at the Start of Battle.
Cat’s Bell HP Recovers as you Walk
Reflect Ring Grants Reflect
Water Ring Nullifies Water Damage
Sneak Glove Increases Steal Success Chance
Hypnocrown Increases Manipulate Success Chance

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