Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Enemy Skills

A list of enemy skills that can be acquired in Final Fantasy 7. Includes the monsters that use these abilities and where they are located.

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Characters equipped with the E. Skill Materia are able to learn various enemy-only skills. These are acquired when the equipped is targetted and hit by one of the ability. After acquisition, they can freely use these abilities in combat.


Name Enemies
Frog Song Touch Me (Gongaga Forest)
Poison Frog (Temple of the Ancients)
L4 Suicide Mu (Grassland Area)
Magic Hammer Razor Weed (Wutai, Da-chao Statue)
White Wind Zemzelett (Junon Area)
Big Guard Beach Plug (Corel Area Sea Cliffs)
Angel Whisper Pollensalta (Inside Northern Cave)
Dragon Force Dark Dragon (Inside Northern Cave)
Death Force Adamantaimai (Wutai Area Sea Cliffs)
Flame Thrower Ark Dragon (Mythril Mine)
Dragon (Mt. Nibel Cave)
Laser Death Claw (Corel Prison)
Dark Dragon (Inside Northern Cave)
Matra Magic Custom Sweeper (Midgar Area)
Bullmotor (Corel Prison)
Death Machine (Junon Path)
Bad Breath Malboro (Inside of Gaea’s Cliff)
Beta Midgar Zolom (Marshes)
Aqualung Chimera (Gold Saucer Area Desert)
Jenova-LIFE (Forgotten Capital)
Trine Materia Keeper (Mt. Nibel)
Stilva (Inside of Gaea’s Cliff)
Magic Breath () Stilva (Inside of Gaea’s Cliff)
Parasite (Inside Northern Cave)
???? Jersey (Shinra Mansion)
Behemoth (Midgar Sector 8 Underground Path)
King Behemoth (Inside Northern Cave)
Goblin Punch Goblin (Goblin Island)
Chocobuckle Chocobo
L5 Death Parasite (Inside Norther Cave)
Death Sentence Gi Spector (Cave of the Gi)
Boundfat (Correl Valley)
Sneaky Step (Cave of the Gi)
Roulette Death Dealer (Inside Northern Cave)
Shadow Flare Ultima Weapon
Dragon Zombie (Inside Northern Cave)
Pandora’s Box Dragon Zombie (Inside Northern Cave)

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