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What are Limit Breaks?

In battle, each character has a Limit Guage. When the gauge fills, the character will be able to perform a special move called a Limit Break. A character performing a Limit Break will additionally reach their next turn faster. Their “Fight” command will be replaced with a “Limit” command with which they can select their desired Limit Break.

Using Limit Breaks

Fill the Limit Gauge

Characters’ Limit Gauges will fill as they take damage from enemies. The gauge will need to be full before the character can use a Limit Break.

Limit Compared to Damage

The amount that the Limit Gauge is filled is based on how much damage the enemy did to the character in question. The higher of a percentage of the character’s HP was done as damage, the more that the Limit Guage will fill.

Level and Status

A character’s level and current status effect how quickly the limit gauge is filled. For example, characters afflicted by Sadness will have their limit gauge fill more slowly while characters inflicted by Fury will fill their gauge rather quickly.


Limit Specialties

Limit Breaks can generally be sorted into one of four different categories based on their specialty.

  1. Short Time to Activate
  2. Lots of Attacks, but Doesn’t Affect the Back Row
  3. High Accuracy
  4. High Chance to Change Enemy Status

Several Conditions to Remember

There are different conditions for acquiring Limit Breaks. To learn a limit break of the same level, the character must use a Limit Break a number of times. To learn a limit break of a higher level, the character must kill a set amount of enemies.

Level 4 Limit Breaks

Level 4 Limit Breaks are acquired in a special way. After acquiring all other Limit Breaks, using a special item will allow you to learn the level 4 limit break. Mastering these abilities will allow you to challenge the game’s strongest enemies.

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