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Content Creator Spotlight

February 2, 2018 Nicholas Archer 3

Arena of Valor Content Creator Spotlight Here is a list of some Arena of Valor content creators, people who post game play videos and tutorials. Determined low ranked players will find these channels especially helpful on their journey [ … ]

raz hero guide

Raz Hero Guide

December 28, 2017 Nicholas Archer 0

Raz’s Item Builds Raz’s Stats and Abilities Raz Overview Raz is a mage assassin who specializes in getting quick but powerful hits on his opponents. He is adept at harassing opponents while juking around the [ … ]

Violet Hero Guide

December 27, 2017 Nicholas Archer 2

Violet’s Item Builds Violet’s Stats and Abilities Overview Violet is a marksman who picks off enemies with high powered, long range shots. She is both great at early game harassment and carrying late game. Violet’s [ … ]

battle royal

How to play Battle Royal: Guide

November 29, 2017 Nicholas Archer 0

Battle Royal Rules Battle Royal is a new kind of Pokemon battle that first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You will face three other players until a single player stands victorious. Three other Pokemon apart from yours can attack, so [ … ]

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Stat Change: Guide

November 29, 2017 Nicholas Archer 0

Stat Change Also known as rank correction, Stat Change refers to the rising and falling of stats clearly indicated by the game during the battle. There are 13 stages  ranging from -6 to +6 with [ … ]

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