Arena of Valor (AoV) - Violet Hero Guide

An overview and guide for Arena of Valor's Violet, the Pistol Assassin. Violet is a marksman character who uses long-ranged weaponry to finish her enemies.

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Arena of Valor Violet


Violet is a marksman who picks off enemies with high powered, long range shots. She is both great at early game harassment and carrying late game. Violet’s abilities cool down relatively quickly, and with quick reflexes, you can use these abilities in rapid succession to devastate your enemies throughout the game.


  • Long-ranged Damage – Violet’s first ability, Tactical Fire, can deal large amounts of damage to enemies that are quite far away. This allows Violet to attack enemies who are hiding under cover or from outside of their own attack range. This can make her very dangerous to opponents who can’t find ways to safely approach.
  • Highly Mobile – Tactical Fire is not only Violet’s main source of damage but a useful movement ability as well. The gunslinger can roll away from enemies to safety, towards enemies to attack, or over small obstacles. Violet is very mobile as far as marksmen go, and thereby can be very difficult
  • Versatile – Violet can successfully be played in either the lane or in the jungle. What’s more, she excels in either position she is put into. Being so flexible can be very valuable, Violet players able to succeed in a number of different team compositions.


  • Squishy – Same as most marksmen, Violet has a relatively low health pool. Should an enemy manage to get the jump on her, she will have a very difficult time surviving
  • Susceptible to Crowd Control – Given that her main form of defense is the roll in Tactical Fire, Violet is very vulnerable if stopped. Stuns and slows are generally a death sentence for the gunner, especially if there aren’t any teammates around to assist.

Hero Basic Strategy

Laning Strategy

  • Violet can be played very effectively in the jungle or in one of the side lanes. Typically, when side-laning, she will want to go to the Abyssal Lane for the additional support and mid-lane assistance that generally brings.
  • If laning, roll to line up minions you are attacking with the enemy in order to harass and last hit at the same time.
  • Violet is exceptionally deadly when equipped with the Might Buff,

*She can also be used as a jungler, though we don’t recommend new players trying her in that role

Leveling Progression

  • Focus on leveling her first ability, Tactical Fire, before anything else. Her second ability, Fire in the Hole, pales in comparison to Tactical Fire.
  • Take levels in Concussive Rounds whenever it is available, as with most heroes.

Battle Strategy

  • Solo Fights: Keep your distance when battling one on one. Violet’s Tactical Fire allows her a lot of space for you to deal damage. Use Fire in the Hole if they try to escape, slowing them. Concussive Rounds works as a nice second hit should the target reach the edge of your range
  • Team Fights: Violet should be constantly using her Tactical Fire, preferably on lines of enemies in order to hurt the whole bunch. Proper positioning can allow Violet to hit the back line by shooting through the front. This way, she can assassinate high value targets without even stepping into their range.
  • Escaping the Battle: If you must escape, use Fire in the Hole to slow your enemy and Tactical Fire to roll away to a safer distance. Tactical Fire is especially useful if the opponent is up close, as it provides a speed boost in this case.


Arena of Valor Reload

Reload – Passive – Normal attacks reduce Tactical Fire’s cooldown by 0.5 seconds when hitting an enemy hero.
  • Keep up normal attacks when dealing with enemies up close in order to use Tactical Fire as often as possible.
Arena of Valor Tactical Fire Tactical Fire – Violet rolls forward, enhances her next normal attack and deals 275/305/335/365/395/425 (+1.0 AD) ˀ physical damage to enemies in a straight line. The subsequent normal attack within a short period of time retains the range of the enhanced normal attack. Tactical Fire also grants a 50% movement speed bonus that declines over 2 seconds if there are enemy heroes nearby after rolling.
  • Tactical Fire is your main damaging ability, as it helps you maneuver in advantageous positions to launch empowered normal attacks. When fully upgraded, the ability can take away massive chunks out of your enemy’s health.
  • You can also use Tactical Fire to maneuver to or away from enemies. Before using her enhanced normal attack, Violet will roll in the indicated direction.
Arena of Valor FIRE IN THE HOLE Fire in the Hole – Violet Throws a grenade, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 (+1.0 AD) physical damage to enemies within range and slowing their movement speed by 90% for 1 second.
  • Fully leveling up this ability will not deal significant damage. However, Fire in the Hole is still very useful in taking down opponents planning to run away. This makes it a helpful tool next to Tactical Fire or Concussive Rounds.
Arena of Valor CONCUSSIVE ROUNDS Concussive Rounds – Violet fires Concussive Rounds at nearby enemies, dealing 400/550/700 (+1.5 AD) physical damage.
  • You can pair Tactical Fire and Concussive Rounds nicely in combat, dealing greater overall damage. This ability is especially useful when you need to finish off an enemy.
  • Deals additional physical damage equal to 10% of HP lost by the target.

How to Counter Violet

  • Harass Violet in the earlier stages of the game where she doesn’t have any items yet. This will force her to also use her abilities. The good thing about this is that her abilities cost a lot of mana. Forcing her to use it always may decrease her overall strength in following minutes of the game.
  • Focus her first in team fights. Her insane damage output comes with a cost, and that’s her defensive stats. Pin her down and eliminate her first in a team fight.

Hero Item Build

Armor Pierce-DPS Build
Arena of Valor Mr. StabbyMr. Stabby Arena of Valor War BootsWar Boots Arena of Valor claves sanctiClaves Sancti
Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor MURAMASAMuramasa Arena of Valor FENRIR’S TOOTHFenrir’s Tooth
Armor Pierce-DPS Build
Arena of Valor Mr. StabbyMr. Stabby Arena of Valor War BootsWar Boots Arena of Valor claves sanctiClaves Sancti Arena of Valor Omni ArmsOmni Arms Arena of Valor MURAMASAMuramasa Arena of Valor FENRIR’S TOOTHFenrir’s Tooth

More Violet Item Builds

Hero Arcana

  • Getting a ton of damage arcana for Violet helps her in clearing out enemies in team fights. Onslaught, Assassinate, and Skewer are your best choices in terms of attack damage and overall offensive presence.
  • Violet can also go for more typical marksmen arcana. Blitz, Guerilla, and Skewer will give her some faster attacks and a higher critical rate along with the normal added damage.

Hero Counters

Arena of Valor Tank Tank

Unlike other marksmen, tanks are not so difficult to handle for Violet early game. When Tactical Fire is used effectively, she can easily pierce through their HP and make them fall back near to their towers. This dynamic changes once team fights start, as Violet wants to stay far away from tanks and the control abilities they possess.

Arena of Valor Warrior Warrior

Warriors are big threats to Violet, able to deal out large amounts of damage while absorbing Violet’s damage. Only go for warriors from an unapproachable distance and

Arena of Valor Assassin Assassin

Assassins are bad news, able to rip Violet to shreds if they get in close to Violet. Only engage one if a tank has locked them down or they have already engaged another hero.

Arena of Valor Mage Mage

Mages generally have high amounts of damage at the cost of low health. Use Tactical Fire to dodge their shots and maintain yourself as a difficult target. Attack each time to quickly burst away their life.

Arena of Valor Marksman Marksman

Violet’s damage comes in bursts while most other marksmen’s damage is a steady stream. She will need to poke them with Tactical Fire from outside of their range in order to stay safe. She should generally only move in close when finishing them off.

Arena of Valor Support Support

Supports aren’t huge threats alone, but can be a pain in team fights. Do your best to avoid any control abilities they may have. Burst them down when you get a chance, but they are lower priority than damage dealers.

“Learn from the Pros”

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