Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Strategies for Difficult Pokemon: Guide

There are many difficult Pokemon to catch and defeat in the game. Here are some tips on how to defeat a number of those Pokemon, so you can catch them all!

Basic Strategies against Difficult Pokemon

Using the right Pokemon is fundamental when fighting against difficult Pokemon. Be sure to create a party with a balance of types so you won’t have a hard time when your opponent has the type advantage during battles.

If you find it hard to win a battle against a difficult Pokemon, it’s good to use items that increase your stats. One of these includes X Attack which increases your attack power.

You can reduce damage done to your Pokemon if you use X-Defend to raise defense and Guard Spec. to raise Special Defense.

If these items overlap while you’re recovering, you won’t lose so much.

If you’re scared of your enemies, you can use Dire Hit to take them out as soon as possible.

Strategies vs. Teacher Emily

Emily’s difficult Pokemon automatically counters the type of Pokemon you chose at the beginning.

If you fight only with the first Pokemon, your Pokemon’s weak points will be hit. It will be a very tough fight, so remember to catch another Pokemon.

We recommend Alolan Grimer which appears in nearby grassy patches.

Strategies vs. Araquanid

  • Battle Conditions: Water Bubble + rainy weather + matches type, Bubble becomes a powerful ability.
  • As a Totem, its Speed increases by 1 at the start of the battle.
  • Calls Dewpider and Masquerain, which may be troublesome

Recommended Pokemon Against Araquanid

Recommended Strategies against Araquanid

It’s very tough to fight Araquanid if you don’t have a Pokemon that can damage it at least by half its HP.

Since Grass-types underperform against Bug-types, bring flying types instead.

If you choose Rowlet or Wingull, the Bug-type skill won’t be so scary, and weak points can be pierced with a Flying-type sill.

If you feel it is too powerful, you have to use items sparingly.

Strategies vs. Alolan Marowak

  • Speed increases by 2 at the start of the battle.
  • Be wary of Alolan Marowak’s Cursed Body ability as it can prevent your Pokemon from using the same attack on the succeeding turn. These abilities can be harnessed by Salazzle, which Alolan Marowak may SOS-call.
  • Bring a Water-type that can sponge Alolan Marowak and Salazzle’s powerful Fire-type attacks.

Recommended Pokemon against Alolan Marowak

Recommended Strategies against Alolan Marowak

Note: Rock-type Pokemon shouldn’t be used, being weak to Alolan Marowak’s “Brick Break.” 

In Brooklet Hill, catch Magikarp and evolve it to become Gyarados. You can lower the attack power of Marowak with Intimidate and strike its weakness with Bite.

The ability Drizzle can be used by Pelipper. Pelipper can lessen the efficacy of Alolan Marowak’s Fire-type moves.

Strategies vs. Lurantis

Recommended Pokemon Against Lurantis

Recommended Strategies against Lurantis

Brick Break in daytime will recover 2/3 of the total HP, so if you do not defeat Lurantis with a powerful attack, it will be harder to take it out as the fight drags on.

Fortunately, Sunny weather also strengthens Fire-type techniques, which Lurantis is weak to.

Burn it down with a Fire-type Z Move with the Firium Z obtained by completing Kiawe’s Trial on Akala Island.

If you don’t have any Fire-type Pokemon, you can try boosting your Attack with X Attack or X Special.

Strategies vs. Ribombee

  • At the start of the battle, all of its stats will increase by two levels.
  • Since it’s a Totem, it can raise its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed with “Quiver Dance.”
  • Blissey can be SOS-called by Ribombee and uses “Heal Pulse” and “Helping Hand”.

Recommended Pokemon against Ribombee

How to deal with Ribombee

It’s ideal to take Ribombee out with the Z-moves “Poisonium Z” or “Steelium Z”.

It’s good to use high-level Pokemon like Magnezone or Gengar.

Once it accumulates multiple buffs with “Quiver Dance,” it is almost impossible to stop it with Special Attacks. As a workaround, send a Physical attacker like Metagross to punish its unboosted defense.

“Taunt” is also very effective, completely shutting down its staff-buffing moves.

After that, use “Toxic”. If you recover with battle items, you won’t beat it easily.

Do not forget to use it again each time the effect wears off.

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