Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to play Battle Royal: Guide

Battle Royal is a game mode in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This game mode allows you to simultaneously battle four opponents at the same time.

Battle Royal Rules

battle royale

Battle Royal is a new kind of Pokemon battle that first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You will face three other players until a single player stands victorious.

Three other Pokemon apart from yours can attack, so there’s a sense of tension of not knowing which Pokemon is going to be attacked.

In Battle Royal, four players battle with three Pokemon each. Only one Pokemon can be thrown into battle per player. The remaining two are queued.

Starting from the base stage, you will be able to challenge the top players to get to the first rank.

Victory conditions and Battle Ranking

If any player loses all of their Pokemon, the Battle ends.

The ranking is determined by the sum of the “number of remaining Pokemon” at the end of the battle as well as the “number of Pokemon defeated.”

The more Pokemon you have and the more Pokemon you defeat, you’ll obtain a higher rank.

If the total number of remaining Pokemon and defeated Pokemon is the same, the winner is the one with more defeated Pokemon. If the number of defeated Pokemon is also the same number, the one with more remaining HP wins.

Battle Rules

Combat is still turn-based. Any of the opponent’s Pokemon can be attacked at any given turn. Of the three opponents, you won’t be able to know who will strike your Pokemon.

Even if Pokemon reach beyond Level 50, their Level will be adjusted to 50.  Note that Ghost Pokemon cannot be used.

In addition, it’s impossible to use two or more similar Pokemon. It’s also impossible to have two or more of the same items.

Battle Royal Locations

Single Player

You can head to Akala Island and look for the Battle Royal Dome on Royal Avenue.


◆ Quick Link 

Select “Quick Link” from the menu screen with 4 players nearby. The Parent player who decides the rules can play the game by selecting “Battle Royal”.

Select “Festival Plaza” from the Festival Plaza menu and select “Battle” displayed on the screen after you entered the Festival Plaza.

After selecting “Battle,” select “Online Battle,” and select “Battle Royal.”

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