FIFA 22 - Best Starter Pack to Get in FUT

A guide on which starter pack to pick in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT). Included are information on the best starter packs for various objectives and priorities, and their advantages, and best starter pack for beginners in FUT 22.

FIFA 22 - Best Starter Packs to Get in FUT

Best Starter Pack to Get in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Mode (FUT)

FIFA 22 - Best Starter Pack to Get in FUT

Upon beginning FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) in FIFA 22, you will need to choose a Starter Pack of different countries in the game. Each pack contains player cards and items to help you jumpstart your FUT journey so it is important to choose carefully.

Choose Based on Your Goals

Before you decide which Starter Pack to get, try to think which goals you want to focus on throughout your FUT playthrough. Below are the best starter packs to get based on the advantages they give you early in the game the game.

For Getting Gold Players for Major Leagues

Get England, France, Germany, and Spain Starter Packs

The European countries boast of having many of the game’s best gold players with generally impressive overall ratings (OVR). If your goal is to simply have a good chance of assembling a powerhouse team for major leagues such as the Premier League and Ligue 1, these packs are your best bet.

Best Players for Each Position

▼All Best Players
Best Strikers Best Goalkeepers
Best Defenders Best Wingers
Best Midfielders

England and France starter packs are arguably the best choices for shooting for the top leagues, though Germany and Spain are not to be overlooked as well. These packs also allow you to clear a few of the more advanced Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) as you progress through FUT and form more competitive squads in the game.

For Clearing SBCs (Recommended for New Players)

Get Brazil Starter Pack

Brazil has been one of the countries to pick for your starter pack especially as the country has no shortage of reasonably cheap but dependable talents spread across different leagues. Being able to participate in different football leagues gives you an easier time with clearing many SBCs as well, making it Brazil a good choice for both beginners and veterans of FUT.

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