FIFA 22 - How to Do Explosive Sprint

A guide on how to do explosive sprint in FIFA 22. Included are basic information on the new player action, required inputs to do explosive sprint, and useful tips when performing it.

FIFA 22 - How to Do Explosive Sprint

How to Do Explosive Sprint in FIFA 22

What is an Explosive Sprint?

FIFA 22 - How to Do Explosive Sprint

The explosive sprint is one of several new actions that players can perform in FIFA 22. As its name suggests, the explosive sprint causes your player to abruptly dash while running, allowing them to get past opposing defenders down the pitch.

Recommended Settings to Use It

To do an explosive sprint and use it effectively during matches, you must first turn off the Analog Sprint setting under Settings > Customise Controls. You will now be able to manually press the gas and control how fast your player will sprint while on the move.

Performing Explosive Sprint

Action Input
Explosive Sprint Tilt left analog stick to run in your desired direction > press R2 to activate explosive sprint

The inputs to do an explosive sprint are simple. You need to be running in a straight line by tilting the left analog stick to the direction you want to go. Do not hold any other button while doing this. When you are then met by any defenders down the pitch, press the R2 button to trigger the explosive sprint. If done correctly and with good timing, you should zip past the defender without them being able to react quick enough.


  • The explosive sprint is an extremely valuable skill for fast attackers with above average pacing. Offensive powerhouses like Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Haaland can take advantage of this maneuver to leave defenders in the dust before lining up a clear shot at the goal.
  • Explosive sprint has a cooldown period so avoid using it wastefully just do run down the pitch when there are no immediate threats nearby.

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