FIFA 22 - How to Change Commentary Language

A guide on how to change commentary language in FIFA 22. Included are step-by-step instructions on how to set the game's commentary language and a list of all commentators.

FIFA 22 - How to Change Commentary Language

How to Change Commentary Language

FIFA 22 - How to Change Commentary Language

In FIFA 22, you can change the commentary language that you hear during matches to suit your preferences. This can be done from Customise on the main menu and going to Settings.

Steps to Change Commentary Language

1 From the game’s main menu, select CUSTOMISE on the far right of the lower menu bar.
2 Select SETTINGS.
4 Use the R2 button to go to AUDIO.
5 Use the R1 button to go to 11-A-SIDE AUDIO.
6 Highlight Commentary Language.
7 Use the left and right directional pad buttons to choose your preferred language.

List of Commentators

Below is a list of commentators for different commentary language for FIFA 22.

Language Commentators
English Alan Smith, Derek Rae, Lee Dixon (UEFA Champions League), Alex Scott, Stewart Robinson, Alan McInally (in-game score updates)
Spanish Nira Nuanra
German Frank Buschman, Wolff-Christoph Fuss, Esther Sedlaczek (Career, UEFA Champions League)
Italian Lele Adani, Pierluigi Pardo

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