FIFA 22 - How to Earn XP in Pro Clubs

A guide on how to earn experience in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Mode. Included are game modes to play to get XP and how to unlock perks for your Virtual Pro Player.

FIFA 22 - How to Earn XP in Pro Clubs

How to Earn XP in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs

FIFA 22 - How to Earn XP in Pro Clubs

Earning XP is essential for progressing up the various divisions in FIFA 22‘s Pro Clubs Mode. Upon gaining XP, your Virtual Pro (player) will be able to level up and learn new techniques and skills to make you better-equipped against other players online.

Player All Game Modes in Pro Clubs (Except Practices)

FIFA 22 - How to Earn XP in Pro Clubs

To earn XP in Pro Clubs, your player needs to participate in online modes such as Drop-in, Cup, Friendly, and League matches. Being active as much as you can during game (though not at the expense of teamwork) by doing saves, passes, tackles, and scoring will also allow you to earn more XP per match played.

Unlock Perks by Leveling Up

You can unlock useful perks for  your player when you earn enough XP to level up. Perks improve your player’s performance by applying special passive effects when shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, goalkeeping, and other actions on the pitch.

Your player has one Perk Slot automatically unlocked upon creation. You can then slot it in with one of 3 starter Perks.

Whenever you level up, your player will learn at least one new Perk. Additional Perk slots are unlocked when you reach level 9 and 19.

Your player’s level caps at 25 which allows you to choose from up to 26 Perks to slot-in to your 3 Perk Slots.

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