FIFA 22 - How to Get Player Loyalty in FUT

A guide on how to get player loyalty in FIFA 2 Ultimate Team Mode (FUT). Included are basic information on player loyalty, how to check, and ways to gain loyalty in the game.

FIFA 2 - How to Get Player Loyalty

How to Get Player Loyalty in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Mode (FUT)

What is Loyalty?

Loyalty is a special mechanic in FIFA 22 that grants +1 Chemistry to a player. This, in turn, increase their stats, allowing them to perform better during matches.

How to Check Player Loyalty

FIFA 22 - Loyalty

Loyalty can be checked on a each player’s player card, indicated by a shield at the bottom. If the shield is green, it means that the player has loyal to their FUT club. A greyed out shield means that they currently do not have loyalty to the club.

How to Gain Loyalty

Your player must participate (either as among your starting 11 or as a substitute) in at least 10 matches in FUT to gain loyalty. Note that players obtained from FIFA 22 packs will automatically have loyalty to your club. Players acquired through the Transfer Market, meanwhile, will start at no loyalty when they first join you club.

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