FIFA 22 - How to Do Four Touch Turn

A guide on how to do the four touch turn in FIFA 22, including basic information on the skill move, required inputs on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and useful tips when using it.

FIFA 22 - How to Do Four Touch Turn

How to Do Four Touch Turn

Skill Move Overview

The four touch turn is a new 4-star skill move (★★★★) in FIFA 22 where your player does a 180-degree spin and ending with another touch. Somewhat similar to the three touch roulette, the four touch turn allows you to change directions by turning to the one opposite your original.

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Performing Four Touch Turn

The four touch turn can only be performed by 4- to 5-star skillers. Being able to perform the move gives you another option of controlling the ball whether on the midfield or near the penalty box to disorient opposing defenders.

Skill Name Skill Level Input
Four Touch Turn 4 Star (★★★★)
  • PS4, PS5: Hold L2 + flick right analog stick back (x2)
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC: Hold LT + flick right stick back (x2)

Tips for Four Touch Turn

  • By pressing L2 + R2 during the four touch turn, you can immediately cancel out of the move. This is effective for faking out opponents who are expecting you to move back.
  • The four touch turn lacks the speed of the three touch roulette and can be risky to perform against tight defense near the post. Try to look for other ways to weave through the other team’s formations to keep them guessing on your next moves.

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