How To Obtain Orbs [Fire Emblem Heroes/ FE: Heroes]

This article is a guide on how to collect orbs in Fire Emblem: Heroes. Apparently, the orbs are used to operate the Gacha in the game. We will update as soon as we find more ways to farm for orbs.


The orbs in Fire Emblem: Heroes is the currency used to summon heroes. Each orb has a different colour that will summon a specific hero from that colour. Because of this, these drops may sometimes seem scarce in amount. Also, they have a rare drop rate which makes summoning heroes harder.


What are orbs used for?

For Fire Emblem: Heroes, orbs have a variety of uses. Because it’s in-game cash, it can be used to:

  1. Replenish Stamina
  2. Summon Heroes
  3. Resurrect Heroes
  4. Save your life when you’ve just gotten annihilated (if you don’t have the blessing of light).

Where do orbs come from?

At the moment, this in-game cash is farmed from the Story Maps. However, the orb is known as in-game cash that allow you to summon heroes. As of now, the only way to earn these orbs is to go through the storyline. While they do have events every now and then that drop orbs for you, it’s not a stable income which may be a problem. This can be a problem; especially when you’re trying to create your dream team.

How do you farm Orbs?

In any mobile game, the only way to actually farm in-game cash is logging in daily. Especially since it may rely on the internet to continue progressing, the game will require you to log-in everyday. While logging in, you can also check in special quests and limited events that may possibly drop those in order for you to summon more heroes.

As of the moment, two of these are given everyday you login. Based on Philippine Time, they are given every 3:00 PM whenever the game resets. However, the orbs can be farmed from the multiple levels in the story. There’s a Normal, Hard, and Lunatic mode and each first playthrough drops an orb.

Since the game is focused on summoning heroes, watch out for the events and special quests that may drop this specific in-game cash. It is also possible that the heroes may have star rankings which increase the more you pay to the gacha. Thus, the method may appear a bit grindy in comparison to most turn-based games.

However, the quickest and easiest way to get the in-game cash is by buying them.


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    • Not necessarily. That’s only if you want to speed up the summoning process. 🙂

      But at the moment, the best way is to go through the stories and the events. 🙂