Fire Emblem: Heroes

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Fire Emblem: Heroes was released on Android on February 2, 2017. Players who have played the earlier Fire Emblem games should have no problem taking on Fire Emblem: Heroes, as the gameplay in this release is reminiscent of the older games. Conversely, new gamers won’t have any trouble learning the mechanics of this game, especially since the user interface of Fire Emblem: Heroes makes it easy to do so. Players can touch and drag characters across a grid, while  attacking is as easy as touching and dragging an ally over an enemy.

When playing this game, the most important thing to remember is that strategy is key. The game does not rely on brute force and neither is it a hack-and-slash game. This is a game similar to a chess game – if your chess pieces have special powers. Knowing this, there are multiple functions such as creating teams, editing and upgrading of skills to help you prevail against your enemies.


Fire Emblem: Heroes begins with you as the Prince of the Askr Kingdom, Alfonse. The young prince is also a member of the Order of Heroes. When the story begins, he finds out that the Askr Kingdom is under siege. The young prince departs to find heroes and people who could help him save the kingdom from chaos.

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Battle Mechanics Reset Marathon  Strategies (Early, Middle, Final)
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