NEO: The World Ends with You - Go-go Beringei Noise Stats and Abilities

Guide for Go-go Beringei, a Noise enemy in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO: TWEWY). Included are Go-go Beringei's stats, abilities, pin drops, and more.

NEO: The World Ends with You - Go-go Beringei Noise Stats and Abilities

Go-go Beringei Noise in NEO: The World Ends with You

NEO: The World Ends with You - Go-go Beringei Noise Stats and Abilities


NEO: The World Ends with You - Go-go Beringei Overview Boss Guide

A burly primate-like Noise that isn’t as sturdy as it first appears. Attack its arms enough and you’ll eventually destroy them. Sadly, they’ll regenerate after a while, but you can at least prevent it from performing certain attacks for a bit.

Go-go Beringei Noise Boss Guide

Go-go Beringei Noise Stats

No. 76 Go-go Beringei
7,200 39 555
Type Weakness Attack
Boss Noise Fire, Sound, Burst ?
Week 1: Day 2
104 Building

Go-go Beringei Noise Abilities and Strategies

Ability Type Description How to Counter
Fist Swipe Active Go-go Beringei’s hands will glow and swing them back and forth. When you see the arms glowing, distance yourself by dodging back.
Fist Punch Active Go-go Beringei’s hand will glow and pull back. Then, the hand will be quickly unleashed and extended towards your location. When you see one arm glowing, anticipate the punch and dodging sideways.
Fist Grab Active Following Fish Punch, Go-go Beringei will grab a party member hit by the Fist Punch. Focus attacks on the hand and let the captured party member free.
Fist Slam Active Go-go Beringei’s raises its arms into the air. Then, it jumps and slams its fist into the ground dealing AoE damage. As soon as you see the arms raise, move backwards.
Jump Slam Active Go-go Beringei will start to climb a building. Then, it will jump from halfway and hits the ground dealing an AoE shockwave attack. From the center, head to the south or back corner of the whole area. Let the shockwave finish before going back.

Go-go Beringei Pin Drops

Easy Normal Hard Ultimate
? (?% Drop Rate) # 044 Grin Reaper (100% Drop Rate) ? (100% Drop Rate) ? (14% Drop Rate)

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