Persona 5 Tactica - How to Inflict Down Status

A guide on how to inflict Down status for Persona 5 Tactica (P5T), including ways to knock down enemies, how to remove Guard, and other useful information. Persona 5 Tactica (2023) was released last November 17, 2023, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox PC Game Pass).

Persona 5 Tactica - How to Inflict Down Status

How to Inflict Down Status Guide for Persona 5 Tactica (P5T)

How to Knock Down enemies

Attacking an enemy who is not in Guard state will result in a knockdown or will put your target in a Downed state. On the other hand, if the enemies have their Guard up, you won’t be able to knock them down unless you disable their Guard first. In order to remove them from a Guard state, use characters’ skills instead of normal attacks.

What is Guard state?

Persona 5 Tactica - Battle System Cover

A state wherein a character has taken cover behind an obstacle and can no longer be knocked down by normal attacks. Both your characters and enemies can take “Cover” by hiding behind various objects and obstacles during the battle. Furthermore, your characters will enter a “Guard” state whenever you end your turn while being covered.

Persona 5 Tactica Cover Guide

Guard prevents being knocked down.

Enemies that are in Guard state won’t be knocked down, and attacking them from behind won’t knock them down either. In conclusion, you must first remove your target from the Guard state if you intend to put them in a Downed state.

How to Disable Guard

The enemy’s Guard state can be removed by attacking them with melee attacks or skills. One of the best ways to succeed in battles is to connect your attacks together; therefore, learning how to put your enemies in a Downed state is crucial in this game.

Knocking down enemies may lead to more powerful attacks.

Persona 5 Tactica (P5T) - Triple Threat

Knocking down enemies will activate 1 MORE, which allows your character to take another turn or action. This will give you a chance to activate other battle mechanics, such as the Triple Threat, which deals huge damage to enemies within its range.

Persona 5 Tactica Triple Threat Guide

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Main Personas

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Burn Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Burn Race Personas
Jack-o’-Lantern (Lv.1) Hua Po (Lv.6) Orpheus (Lv.9)
Inugami (Lv.11) Orpheus Picaro (Lv.14) Eligor (Lv.17)
Orthrus (Lv.21) Lamia (Lv.26) Orpheus Female (Lv.29)
Ara Mitama (Lv.32) Hell Biker (Lv.35) Orpheus Female Picaro (Lv.38)
Ose (Lv.42) Hecatoncheires (Lv.47) Seth (Lv.50)
Cerberus (Lv.54) Asterius (Lv.58) Asterius Picaro (Lv.61)
Moloch (Lv.64) Throne (Lv.68) Attis (Lv.73)
Uriel (Lv.79) Surt (Lv.85) Mada (Lv.91)
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Freeze Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Freeze Race Personas
Genbu (Lv.4) Koropokkuru (Lv.8) Jack Frost (Lv.12)
High Pixie (Lv.16) Sui-Ki (Lv.20) Isis (Lv.28)
Lilim (Lv.31) Belphegor (Lv.36) Kikuri-Hime (Lv.40)
Byakko (Lv.45) Sarasvati (Lv.50) Skadi (Lv.55)
King Frost (Lv.60) Seiryu (Lv.66) Black Frost (Lv.69)
Lakshmi (Lv.74) Alilat (Lv.80) Mother Harlot (Lv.86)
Satan (Lv.92) - -
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Shock Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Shock Race Personas
Pixie (Lv.2) Agathion (Lv.5) Mokoi (Lv.10)
Shiisaa (Lv.14) Oni (Lv.18) Izanagi (Lv.20)
Take-Minakata (Lv.23) Izanagi Picaro (Lv.26) Zouchouten (Lv.29)
Thunderbird (Lv.33) Thoth (Lv.39) Yurlungur (Lv.44)
Barong (Lv.49) Raja Naga (Lv.54) Thor (Lv.60)
Oberon (Lv.65) Dionysus (Lv.71) Raphael (Lv.76)
Odin (Lv.83) Yoshitsune (Lv.88) Izanagi-no-Okami (Lv.90)
Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro (Lv.95) - -
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Sweep Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Sweep Race Personas
Bicorn (Lv.1) Kelpie (Lv.5) Koppa Tengu (Lv.10)
Orobas (Lv.15) Fuu-Ki (Lv.18) Nigi Mitama (Lv.22)
Clotho (Lv.26) Anzu (Lv.30) Kurama Tengu (Lv.34)
Atropos (Lv.38) Kumbhanda (Lv.43) Fortuna (Lv.47)
Jatayu (Lv.51) Norn (Lv.55) Garuda (Lv.59)
Quetzalcoatl (Lv.65) Cu Chulainn (Lv.70) Scathach (Lv.77)
Baal (Lv.84) Hastur (Lv.90) -
Persona 5 Tactica Sweep Race Persona List

Hypno Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Hypno Race Personas
Incubus (Lv.2) Kodama (Lv.6) Obariyon (Lv.10)
Sudama (Lv.15) Shiki-Ouji (Lv.19) Matador (Lv.24)
Andras (Lv.29) Decarabia (Lv.34) Kaiwan (Lv.39)
Queen Mab (Lv.43) Bugs (Lv.46) Pale Rider (Lv.49)
Parvati (Lv.54) Forneus (Lv.59) Yamata-no-Orochi (Lv.64)
Loa (Lv.69) Macabre (Lv.74) Gabriel (Lv.80)
Vohu Manah (Lv.87) Shiva (Lv.90) Chi You (Lv.94)
Persona 5 Tactica Hypno Race Persona List

Vortex Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Vortex Race Personas
Silky (Lv.4) Slime (Lv.9) Nekomata (Lv.13)
Makami (Lv.16) Phoenix (Lv.21) Rakshasa (Lv.24)
Choronzon (Lv.28) Mothman (Lv.33) Unicorn (Lv.37)
Girimekhala (Lv.42) Horus (Lv.46) Ganesha (Lv.51)
Yatagarasu (Lv.56) Trumpeter (Lv.60) Atavaka (Lv.63)
Bishamonten (Lv.70) Kohryu (Lv.75) Zaou-Gongen (Lv.78)
Asura (Lv.82) Fafnir (Lv.87) Ardha (Lv.93)
Persona 5 Tactica Vortex Race Persona List

Dizzy Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Dizzy Race Personas
Angel (Lv.3) Saki Mitama (Lv.6) Archangel (Lv.11-)
Kaguya (Lv.13) Suzaku (Lv.17) Kaguya Picaro Lv.21)
Naga (Lv.24) Kin-Ki (Lv.28) Tam Lin (Lv.32)
Lachesis (Lv.35) Daisoujou (Lv.40) Power (Lv.43)
Narcissus (Lv.47) Dakini (Lv.52) Okuninushi (Lv.57)
Melchizedek (Lv.61) Dominion (Lv.67) Chimera (Lv.72)
Sandalphon (Lv.77) Sraosha (Lv.81) Michael (Lv.85)
Futsunushi (Lv.88) Messiah (Lv.91) Messiah Picaro (Lv.95)
Persona 5 Tactica Dizzy Race Persona List

Despair Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Despair Race Personas
Succubus (Lv.4) Onmoraki (Lv.8) Ippon-Datara (Lv.12)
Black Ooze (Lv.16) Nue (Lv.20) Pisaca (Lv.25)
Mithra (Lv.30) Anubis (Lv.35) Red Rider (Lv.39)
Magatzu-Izanagi (Lv.42) Pazuzu (Lv.45) Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro (Lv.48)
Rangda (Lv.51) Tsukiyomi (Lv.53) Black Rider (Lv.56)
Tsukuyomi Picaro (Lv.59) Thanatos (Lv.63) Mot (Lv.67)
Thanatos Picaro (Lv.71) Abaddon (Lv.76) Belial (Lv.81)
Alice (Lv.83) Beelzebub (Lv.88) Lucifer (Lv.93)
Satanael (Lv.96) - -
Persona 5 Tactica Despair Race Persona List

Forget Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Forget Race Personas
Cait Sith (-) Berith (-) Kusi Mitama (-)
Yaksini (-) Jikokuten (-) Flauros (-)
Setanta (Lv.34) Ariadne (-) Arahabaki (-)
Mithras (Lv.38) Ariadne Picaro (Lv.41) Valkyrie (Lv.44)
Koumokuten (Lv.49) Titania (Lv.53) Chernobog (Lv.57)
Kali (Lv.62) Hanuman (Lv.68) Vasuki (Lv.73)
Siegfried (Lv.78) Vishnu (Lv.86) Ongyo-Ki (Lv.92)
Persona 5 Tactica Forget Race Persona List

Sleep Affinity Personas

▼All Persona 5 Tactica Sleep Race Personas
Mandrake (-) Apsaras (-) Ame-no-Uzume (-)
Leanan Sidhe (-) Sandman (Lv.23) Principality (Lv.28)
Neko Shogun (Lv.30) White Rider (Lv.33) Hariti (Lv.37)
Kushinada-Hime (Lv.41) Ananta (Lv.45) Athena (Lv.48)
Baphomet (Lv.52) Athena Picaro (Lv.55) Lilith (Lv.58)
Byakhee (Lv.63) Nebiros (Lv.70) Cybele (Lv.75)
Raoul (Lv.79) Ishtar (Lv.84) Metatron (Lv.89)
Maria (Lv.92)
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