Pokemon Unite - Battle Items

List of all Battle Items that a Pokemon can use in Pokemon UNITE, including their names, required trainer level, effects, and cooldown.

Pokemon UNITE - All Battle Items

All Battle Items in Pokemon UNITE

Here is a list of all battle items in Pokemon UNITE. You can get to know the effects and cooldown of each available battle items in game.

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Name Trainer Level: | Effects Cooldown
Potion Level 4 |Restore some of your Pokemon’s HP. 30 seconds
X-Attack Level 7 |Raises your Pokemon’s Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time. 40 seconds
X-Speed Level 8 |Raises your Pokemon’s Speed for a short time. 50 seconds
Fluffy Tail Level 10 |It makes wild Pokemon incapacitated for a short time and increases the damage done to that Pokemon. 25 seconds
Eject Button Level 11 |Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location. 55 seconds
Slowing Smoke Level 13 |Releases a smokescreen, greatly lowering the movement speed of nearby enemy Pokemon. 40 seconds
Full Heal Level 14 |Removes All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon. 30 seconds
Goal Accelerator Level 16 |Temporarily doubles your goal scoring speed. 120 seconds

How to Get and Use Battle Items

To unlock Battle Items, you must first raise your Trainer Level by engaging in more basic battles. When you achieve a certain Trainer Levels, Battle Items will become available.

Battle Items have their own set of effects that may be used during matches. These benefits occur from replenishing a Pokemon’s HP to reducing the time it takes to cast a goal. Battle Items have a cooldown since they are active abilities. You can’t use them all the time, therefore understanding when to utilize them is essential for every player.

  • Can only use One (1) Battle Item.
    You can only have one Battle Item equipped each game, unlike Held Items. This is an essential part of any build, so make sure you choose one before beginning a game.
  • Battle Items can’t be upgraded.
    Battle Items, unlike Held Items, cannot be upgraded according to the BETA version of the game. For the time being, there is no method to reduce their cooldowns.

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