Pokemon Unite - Held Items

List of all Held Items that a Pokemon trainer can use in Pokemon UNITE, including their names, required trainer level, effects, and status effects.

Pokemon UNITE - All Held Items

All Held Items in Pokemon UNITE

Here is a list of all held items in Pokemon UNITE in alphabetical order. You can get to know the effects and status effect of each available held items in game.

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Name Effects Stats
Aeos Cookie Gain 100 max HP when you score a goal. HP +8
Assault Vest When outside of combat, gain a shield for 9% of your max health that makes you immune to Sp. Atk damage.
  • HP +18
  • Sp. Def 0
Attack Weight Gain 6 Atk when you score a goal. Attack +0.6
Buddy Barrier Upon using a Unite Move, the attacker and its lowest-HP ally gain a shield for 20% of their max health. HP +20
Energy Amplifier After using a Unite Move, you temporarily deal 7% more damage.
  • Aeos Energy Gather Rate +0.4%
  • Move Cooldown -0.3%
Exp. Share When you have the least exp of all Pokemon on your team, gain 2 exp every second. However, you’ll no longer get exp from assisting a teammate when they defeat a Wild Pokemon.
  • HP +16
  • Movement Speed
Float Stone Gain 10% movement speed outside of combat.
  • Attack +1.6
  • Movement Speed
Focus Band When your HP goes down, recover HP equal to 8% of the damage you took up until that point every second for 3 seconds.
  • Def +2
  • Sp. Def 0
Leftovers When out of combat, recover 1% of your max HP per second.
  • HP +16
  • HP Recover 0
Muscle Band On basic attacks, deals additional damage equal to 1% of the opponent’s remaining HP.
  • Atk +1
  • Basic Atk Speed +0%
Rocky Helmet When you take damage, deal damage to nearby enemy Pokemon equal to 3% of your max HP.
  • HP +18
  • Defense 0
Scope Lens Deal increased damage with basic attack critical hits. The higher your attack, the more the bonus damage increases.
  • Critical-Hit Rate +0.4 %
  • Critical-Hit Damage 0%
Score Shield Gain a shield for 5% of your max health when you score. While the shield is active, you can’t be interrupted while scoring. HP +15
Shell Bell Restore at least 45 HP when you land an ability. The higher your Sp. Atk, the more HP you recover.
  • Sp. Atk +1.6
  • Move Cooldown 0%
Sp. Atk Specs Gain 8 Sp. Atk when you score a goal. Sp. Atk +0.8
Wise Glasses Sp. Atk is increased by 3%. Sp. Atk +10

How to Get and Use Held Items

Held Items are equipment that you may apply to your Pokemon to provide them passive boosts for the duration of the game. This means they can’t be utilized directly; instead, they only provide stat boosts or special effects when specific circumstances are met.

You may have up to 3 Held Item slots open, allowing you to hold three active items at the same time. These equipment may be upgraded to make them more powerful. You’ll only have one Held Item slot at the start, but you may expand it up to three. Simply level up your trainer to get access to additional equipment slots.

Trainer Level Slots for Held Items
1 1
7 2
9 3

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