The Quarry - All Paths Guide

A guide on all the Paths in The Quarry. This guide will give you information on each title, conditions, and how to unlock them in the game.

The Quarry - All Paths Guide

All Paths Guide for The Quarry

Below is a list of all Paths in The Quarry, including their path name, chapter, and how to unlock them. There are a total of 15 path choices available in the game.

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Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to all Paths and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Above the Law PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze  Travis and Laura agreed to work together. (Path #2)
Just a Flesh Wound PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze  Saved a friend from an infection. (Path #10)
Nick of Time PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze  Successfully took the fastest route to Nick. (Path #8)

Trophies and Achievements List

List of Paths

Path Choice Details
Path #1: Laura & Max Prologue Chapter – Pick the “Help Max” choice option. As Laura, assist Max out of the storm shelter after getting hit.
Path #2: Above the Law Prologue Chapter – Pick the “Right Side” choice option. As Laura, be compliant with Travis and go to the Harbinger Hotel. Laura will trick Travis to get her show the way to The Quarry.
Path #3: A Fool’s Errand Chapter 1 – Pick either the “Fuel Line” or “Steal an Engine Part” choice option. As Jacob, you must grab the bags first outside the car.
Path #4: Down the Rabbit Holed Chapter 1 – Pick the “Break In” choice option. Don’t forget to pick up the teddy on the left side of the cabin in front of the bunk bed. Pick the “Keep” dialogue option.
Path #5: Playing with Fire Chapter 2 – Pick either the “Take Fireworks” or “Leave Them Behind” choice option. As Emma, enter the storage and open the locked door to get the shotgun on the right side. Take note of the safe code also and return to the storage area. Make Emma open the safe and see fireworks inside.
Path #6: Watch Your Step Chapter 2 – Pick the “Climb Down” choice option. As Dylan, look around Chris’ office. Examine the trap door on the floor beside the desk.
Path #7: Pieces of Silver Chapter 3 – Pick the “Help Nick” choice option. As Abigail, help out Nick when he is getting attacked.
Path #8: Finders Keepers Chapter 3 – Pick the “Assertive” choice option. As Ryan, pick the option when Abi arrives. Then, pick “Take Shortcut” twice and finish the quick time events successfully.
Path #9: Distraction Chapter 3 – Pick the “Do Nothing” choice option. As Jacob, do not throw dirt at the hunter while being helped out. Just wait and do nothing.
Path #10: Helping Hand Chapter 5 – Dylan and Ryan will be inside the Radio Hut, you must choose the following dialogues “How do you know this stuff?” (Interested), “That’s totally us” (Concerned), and “I wasn’t sure” (Apologetic). Once there’s an option to shoot the gun, don’t shoot and wait for timer to run out. After that choose dialogues, “We gotta kill it” (Aggressive), “Why wouldn’t it be?” (Confident), “Take a breath” (Calm), and “Okay. Just Hang on” (Desperate). Action: Chainsaw.
Path #11: The White Whale Chapter 7 – Pick the “Complaint” choice option. As Laura, roam around the police station, go upstairs, and enter the third office. Check the locker on the right and see a syringe. Return to the prison cell and hide the syringe on the loose stone left of your bed. Go to sleep and Travis will give you a poem to read. Don’t take his gun and be compliant. Fake being in pain and inject him with the syringe and leave without shooting Travis. DO NOT shoot Travis or else Laura will die later in the game.
Path #12: Teambuilding Chapter 8 – Pick the “I need you” (Encouraging) choice option. As Kaitlyn, talk to Dylan at the car outside and encourage him to go with you to the scrapyard.
Path #13: Love’s Labours Lost Chapter 8 – Pick the “Leave Jacob” choice option. When you enter the red light tunnel, do not free Jacob inside a cage.
Path #14: A Pound of Flesh Chapter 9 – Pick the “Not Pull the Knife” choice option. As Ryan, do not pull the knife from his body. The knife can be useful later.
Path #15: Keepsakes
Chapter 1 – As Jacob, turn left as soon as your control him. You’ll see Emma’s bracelet on the floor and pick it up.

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