The Quarry - Can You Save Everyone?

Can you save everyone in The Quarry? Details on the possibility of a "best" ending where you keep every major playable character alive are included in this article taken from official sources.

The Quarry - Can You Save Everyone?

Can You Save Everyone in The Quarry?

A “Best” Ending Is Included in the Game

The Quarry - Can You Save Everyone?

In The Quarry, it is possible to get the “best” ending route that lets you save all 9 playable characters in the game.

Until Dawn, developer Supermassive’s previous interactive drama horror game, included a way to keep all major characters alive by making specific decisions and responding correctly during various Quick Time Events (QTEs).

The Quarry, a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, also has an unlockable “good” ending if you manage to prevent any of the camp councilors from dying upon completing Chapter 10: Bricks and Mortar.

How to Get the Best Ending

As with Until Dawn, The Quarry’s best ending requires you to meet certain conditions throughout the story which you may likely miss during your first playthrough. These are detailed in a separate guide that you can view using the link below.

How to Get the Best Ending (Keep Everyone Alive)

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