The Quarry - Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us Walkthrough

Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us walkthrough for The Quarry. Included are all QTEs, dialogue options, action points, and collectibles to get the best ending (Keep Everyone Alive) in the game.

The Quarry - Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us Walkthrough

Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us Walkthrough for The Quarry

The Quarry – Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERS

Below is a complete walkthrough for Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us in The Quarry. Included are all QTEs, dialogue options, action points, and collectibles to get the best ending (Keep Everyone Alive) in the game.

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(Flashback) Laura’s Memory

1 After the cutscene, you take control of Laura in this section of the chapter.
2 Action: Don’t press X/A, on “Call Out?”
3 Laura noticed that Max and her have been locked up into the cell by the Sheriff.
4 After the cutscene, Laura woke up after being splashed by Travis in the interrogation room.
5 Response: Compliant “Laura Kearny”.
6 Response: Compliant “Fine”.
7 After answering some questions, Laura observed the Sheriff’s badge. Response: Intrigued “Okay Sheriff”.
8 Laura learned that the Sheriff and Chris Hackett is related to each other and Travis is now losing his patience.
9 Response: Pleading “Please stop trying to intimidate me”.
10 Travis decided to put Laura back into the cell. Action: Don’t press X/A, on “Lash Out”.

(Flashback) Inside Travis’ Cell

1 Laura was taken back inside the cell,  Max was there confused and yelling while calling out for the police officer and for her.
2 Respond in the dialogue with “Are you okay?” (Concerned).
3 Response(Laura): Disappointed “I was hoping you might know”.
4 Laura and Max was talking about what happened last night as they were both confused.
5 Travis enters the room again and gave Max some clothes. Respond in the dialogue with “Sorry sir” (Compliant).
6 Max was asked to be hand-cuffed and keeps on struggling, Travis was getting mad.
7 Respond in the dialogue with “Leave him alone” (Worried).
8 While being locked up inside the cell, Laura gets to look around the room.
9 Go to the side where the bed is and go back again to the bars to get the view under the bed, Tarot #13: (The World).
10 Check on the right side of the wall to see a Hackett History Clue #9: (Scrawled Limerick).
11 After that check the left side of the wall to see a loose brick, you need to use a lever to pull it out.
12 Interact with the bed to reach the spoon on the window, go back to the wall and open the loose stone.

(Flashback) After cutscene, Travis returns to the cell

1 Laura encounters Travis again as he escorts Max back on the cell.
2 Talk to Travis and respond in the dialogue with “We’ll answer your questions” (Fearful).
3 Another cutscene will play as Travis leaves Laura and Max on their own cells.
4 Ask Max and say the dialogue with “Are you okay?” (Serious).
5 Response(Laura): Reflective “He’s not acting like a kidnapper”.
6 Response(Laura): Encouraging “This isn’t forever”.
7 Response(Laura): Empathetic “I’m sorry, Max”.
8 Max and Laura was again recalling what happened on the Woods and Lodge. They had a theory about werewolf.

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Pool house

1 The story went into the present time as Laura was telling their story with the other camp counselors.
2 Ryan asked about the theory and more questions were asked for Laura.
3 Response(Laura): Calm “You want answers?”.
4 Dylan and Ryan are arguing about what is happening during this summer and on his amputated arms.
5 Laura insists on continuing her story and to answer their questions about the mystery.

(Flashback) After cutscene, Inside Travis’ Cell

1 Returning to the flashback, Laura and Max are talking about what they could possibly do at this point.
2 Respond in the dialogue with “What if we get on his good side?” (Curious).
3 Response(Laura): Optimistic “I think we should try”.
4 Laura and Max tried to get Travis on his good side and letting themselves be close to him.
5 Respond in the dialogue with “Really?!” (Skeptical). Travis leaves the cell saying he won’t get close to them.
6 A cutscene will play that Travis was getting mad about Max for not taking his clothes off.
7 Travis drags Laura in front of Max’s cell while being hand-cuffed in a chair and pipe.
8 After that Travis receives a radio call, Action: Don’t press X/A, on “Call for Help”.
9 Travis leaves Laura and reminded her not to get too close. She notices Max is somewhat in pain and doesn’t feel good.
10 Response(Laura): Compassionate “I’m here”.
11 A cutscene will play afterwards, Max transforms into a werewolf and attacks Laura.

(Flashback) Police Station

1 After Laura cleans up and cures her wound, you can take control of her.
2 Go outside the lobby and check on the tables, stand on the center to get Tarot Card #12: (The Chariot).
3 On the corner, there will be a little stairs and you can check some files there to get Evidence #7: (Cease & Desist Letter ).
4 Head to the door after getting that file, check on the left side where a board with some newspaper articles are posted.
5 Check the table, Laura will reach for the telephone and for the computer but it requires a password which is the officer’s birthday.
6 Look around the rooms in the police station, head upstairs and check on the boxes to get Freakshow Fire Clue #7: (Charred Sheriff’s Badge).
7 Check the other rooms upstairs and look into the board to see a birthday card revealing Travis’ age.
8 On the 3rd room upstairs, check the calendar for a possible clue on the passcode for the computer.
9 Look around again and you will spot some lockers and check onto each lockers to get a syringe.
10 Return back to the computer after gathering clues on the password, you get to open a file which reveals Hackett History Clue #10: (Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast).
11 After getting all the collectibles in this area, Laura needs to rest and return to her cell. Hide the syringe you got on the loose brick inside your cell, after that choose Action: Go to Sleep.

(Flashback) Travis returns

1 After Laura falls asleep, the police officer, Travis woke her up.
2 Respond in the dialogue with “I won’t leave Max” (Honest).
3 Travis talks to Laura, he reveals something he knew about the mysteries and his family.
4 Response(Laura): Confident “Let’s end it”.
5 Laura reads the rhyme about the mystery of a werewolf. She caught Travis being off-guard.
6 Interrupt Event: Don’t press X / A on “Take Gun”.
7 Response(Laura): Confused “Why didn’t you kill it?”.
8 Response(Laura): Encouraging “So what’s the plan?”.
9 Travis leaves Laura to think about what he said about the werewolf story.
10 Response(Laura): Resigned “I believe him”.
11 Response(Laura): Empathetic “That wasn’t you”.

(Flashback) Travis and Chris

1 A cutscene plays as Laura heard Travis and Chris talking in a distance.
2 As Laura approaches near the cell, a cup will fall.
3 QTE: Right analog stick upward.
4 Laura heard about Chris talking about being the werewolf. Max and Laura decided to make a plan to escape.
5 Laura was acting up as if she was in pain and when Travis gets near, QTE: Right analog stick towards the left side.
6 Use the syringe on Travis to knock him out so Laura and Max can escape freely on their cells.
7 Max and Laura packed their stuff and looks into the silver bullets.
8 Respond in the dialogue with “Not until Chris is dead” (Anxious).

Hackett’s Quarry Camp Pool house

1 That ends the flashback with Laura and Max, she mentioned she left Max in the island.
2 Respond in the dialogue with “They’re probably fine” (Reassuring).
3 Laura found out the one she killed wasn’t Chris but Kaylee, the dead girl on the pool.
4 Action: Show Bite.

Hackett House Basement

1 A cutscene on a electrified cell with a werewolf will be shown as Constance tried to interact with it.
2 You get to control Jacob as he is being dragged by Bobby.
3 Response(Bobby): Pleading “Please let me go”.
4 A cutscene will play again, and the old woman Eliza will show up. Action: Move On.

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