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The Quarry - Prologue Chapter WalkthroughPrologue: Into the Woods The Quarry - Chapter 1: Hackett's Quarry Forever WalkthroughChapter 1:  Hackett’s Quarry Forever
The Quarry - Chapter 2 WalkthroughChapter 2: Truth or Dare The Quarry - Chapter 3 WalkthroughChapter 3: Trouble in Paradise
The Quarry - Chapter 4 WalkthroughChapter 4: Don’t Panic The Quarry - Chapter 5 WalkthroughChapter 5: White Noise
The Quarry - Chapter 6 WalkthroughChapter 6: Prayers by Night The Quarry – Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us Walkthrough – SAMURAI GAMERSChapter 7: The Past Behind Us
The Quarry – Chapter 8: The Belly of the Beast WalkthroughChapter 8: The Belly of the Beast The Quarry - Chapter 9 WalkthroughChapter 9: The Matriarch
The Quarry Chapter 10: Bricks and Mortar WalkthroughChapter 10: Bricks and Mortar The Quarry Game Overview 1.jpgEpilogue

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Playable Character Guides

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The Quarry Icon LauraLaura Kearney  The Quarry Icon MaxMax Brinly
The Quarry Icon AbigailAbigail Blyg The Quarry KaitlynKaitlyn Ka
The Quarry Icon NickNick Furcillo The Quarry Emma.jpgEmma Mountebank
The Quarry Ryan.jpgRyan Erzahaler The Quarry Dylan.jpgDylan Lenivy
The Quarry Jacob.jpgJacob Custos

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Game Controls Multiplayer Guide
Tips for Beginners Movie Mode Settings
PC System Requirements and Specs Post-Game Unlockables
Can You Save Everyone?

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Trophies and Achievements All Paths Guide
How to Get the Best Ending All Characters
All Tarot Cards Location All Clues Location
All Evidence Locations All Unlockable Outfits
How to Unlock Death Rewind

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Tarot Cards Clues
Evidences Camp Map 

Game Overview

Every Choice Matters

The Quarry Movie Mode Settings

The Quarry’s story revolves around every decision and action you take which shape and affect its cast of unique characters. Play as one of the nine camp counselors, each with different personalities, goals, and aspirations to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange events at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp over the course of the game. Each choice, whether right or wrong, will have a profound impact on each character’s lives and who will ultimately live or die when the story ends.

Explore Hackett’s Quarry

The Quarry Game Overview 1.jpg

Players will explore Hackett’s Quarry, from its various scenic surroundings to its eerie dark corners where hidden clues and collectible items can be found. Doing so may trigger special events and cutscenes, inching players ever closer to the horrific truth within the camp.

Official Game Trailer

Source: 2K Official YouTube Channel

Game Information

Game The Quarry
Genre Single-player, Horror Game
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows
Developer Supermassive Games
Publisher 2K
Release Date June 10th, 2022
Official Website