The Quarry - Epilogue: Best Ending Walkthrough

Epilogue: Best Ending Walkthrough for The Quarry. Included are all characters' epilogue, trophies related and character links.

The Quarry - Epilogue: Best Ending Walkthrough

Epilogue: Best Ending (Keep Everyone Alive) Walkthrough in The Quarry

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Below is a complete guide for the Epilogue Chapter in The Quarry. This guide is related to the best ending (Keep Everyone Alive) in the game. Unlocking this ending requires you to meet certain conditions in each chapter to prevent any of the Hackett’s Quarry camp councilors from meeting an unfortunate fate.

Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to the Epilogue best ending and how to unlock the in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Rough Night PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyGold Kept everyone alive.

Trophies and Achievements List

Conditions to Get the Good Ending

The conditions for getting the good ending (keep everyone alive) largely depends on the paths you unlock throughout the game as well as collectibles, choices, and actions you make in all story chapters.

To prevent any major characters from dying, you can follow our full walkthrough by clicking the link below.

All Chapter Walkthroughs

9 Camp Counselors

Character Epilogue
The Quarry Jacob.jpgJacob Custos Alive – Having successfully avoided infection, Jacob was freed from the Hackett’s basement and survived the night.
The Quarry Emma.jpgEmma Mountebank Alive – Emma survived the night in the safety of Chris Hackett’s surveillance room.
The Quarry Icon AbigailAbigail Blyg Alive – Abigail made it to the safety of Chris Hackett’s surveillance room.
The Quarry Icon LauraLaura Kearney Alive – Laura killed Silas with a silver shell, curing every infected person who survived the night.
The Quarry Ryan.jpgRyan Erzahler Alive – Ryan was cured off the werewolf infection when he shot Chris and managed to survive the showdown with the white wolf.
The Quarry Icon NickNick Furcillo Alive – Nick survived the night and when Laura killed Silas, Nick’s werewolf curse was lifted.
The Quarry Dylan.jpgDylan Lenivy Alive – Dylan survived the night by taking refuge from Caleb in the kitchen.
The Quarry Icon MaxMax Brinly Alive – Having survived the night, Max was cured of the werewolf curse when Ryan shot Chris Hackett with a silver shell.
The Quarry KaitlynKaitlyn Ka Alive – Kaitlyn survived the full moon thanks to her werewolf infection, which was cured when Laura killed Silas.

Hackett Family

Character Epilogue
Bobby Hackett Alive –  Uninjured, Bobby was able to fend off an attack from Chris, his brother, in werewolf form.
Jedediah Hackett Alive – Thanks to Bobby fending off werewolf Chris, Jed survived the attack at Hackett House.
Constance Hackett Alive – Constance was protected when her son Bobby fought off her werewolf son Chris.
Travis Hackett Alive – Travis survived the encounter with Silas and finally saw an end to the curse that had haunted his family for six years.
Caleb Hackett Alive – Caleb Hackett returned to his human form permanently when Silas was killed.

End Game Credits

A podcast will play on a computer screen showing a newspaper headline “Psycho Teens Charged Over Summer Camp Murder”.

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