The Quarry - How to Unlock Death Rewind

A guide on how to unlock the Death Rewind mechanic in The Quarry.

The Quarry - How to Unlock Death Rewind

How to Unlock Death Rewind in The Quarry

What is Death Rewind?

Death Rewind is an unlockable retry mechanic in The Quarry that lets you reverse a playable character’s death. This ability can be done up to three times. Note that saving a character from their impending end may sometimes only temporarily keep them alive or may result in the death of a different character later in the game.

Unlocking Death Rewind

Beat the Game to Unlock

Death Rewind becomes available after completing the main story at least once on any difficulty setting. After the credits roll, you will be able to begin a new playthrough with the Death Rewind ability activated if you want.

Immediately Available Upon Purchasing The Quarry Deluxe Edition

The Quarry Deluxe Bonus.jpg

The Death Rewind mechanic is automatically unlocked at the start of the game when you purchase The Quarry Deluxe Edition. This is in addition to other bonuses such as Gorefest Movie Mode, ’80s-Themed Character Oufits, and Horror History Visual Filters.

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