Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Bug Report Board

Player Bug Report Board (forum) for Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Please use this page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered in the game and possible solutions to fix them.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Bug Report Board

Bug Report Board (Forum) for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Bug Report Board for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Please use this forum page to post notices regarding various bugs and glitches encountered and possible solutions for them in the game. To post on the board, please scroll to the bottom of this page under “Leave a Reply” and write your messages in the comment box.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Bug Report Board Rules

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  1. Playing through Spider-Man 2 and found a few bugs:
    – at the Coney Island mission, Peter didn’t have a cool new outfit from the prizes when MJ and Harry received theirs
    – the mission where miles can use his big venom attack, I got promoted to use it but the animation wasn’t there and skipped straight to the chase part of the mission
    – after MJ finds Connor’s at the zoo, at the cut scene with Kraven Peter isn’t wearing the suit I chose – just the original one

  2. The first mysterium located in Harlem near the northmost bridge won’t activate. VA activates and I can see the entrance but it’s impossible to go inside. I’ve had issues going into other mysteriums, but this is the only one that will not load. It’s the last thing I have to do in the game to get 100%.

  3. During the BV Club Fair side story mission you are required to break through a supposedly glass skylight to save the kidnapped teacher and then after a short fight, swing her to safety.
    However there’s a glitch on the building that, first, doesn’t have a glass skylight, so you end up breaking through a metal roof to the sound of shattering glass. And second, after the fight, there is no way to access the building at all and get to the teacher to progress the mission.

  4. There was a bug where I was stopping the hunters car and it glitched my camera all through the map and I was like teleported somewhere and the whole fight was over but I got no rewards, xp, or the completion pop up