Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - How to Level Up Fast

A guide on how to level up fast for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, including the best ways to earn XP fast, recommended activities to farm XP, XP earned per each recommended activity, and other useful tips.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Best Ways to Earn XP

Clear main story missions.

The best way to earn XP fast is to simply progress through the game’s main story missions. You earn about 2,000 XP for each story mission clear which far surpasses most other activities to do in the open world.

Note that certain story missions can be completed quickly as some of them only require you to clear quick combat sections or to go to specific locations.

Do collection-related activities.

Though not as rewarding XP-wise as main story missions, collection-related activities that require you to find Marko’s Memories, Prowlers Stashes, or take pictures of various subjects (Photo OPs) can also let you level up at a reasonably quick pace. I

n addition to leveling up, these optional tasks also allow you to receive resources such as Tech Parts and Token to use for crafting suits or upgrading gadgets and suit tech in the game.

Stop criminals in crime missions.

Lastly, stopping criminals around the various districts will also earn you XP, albeit in smaller amounts compared to doing collection activities and progressing through the main story. Crimes occur regularly as you explore the map so you can do them as often as you like.

Completing crime missions also lets you increase your District Progress, letting you fast travel between districts or obtain other rewards for reaching milestone levels.

Summary of XP Earned for Each Recommended Method

Method XP Earned Recommendation
Clearing Main Story Missions 2,000 XP High
Doing Collection Activities 150 XP to 700 XP Mid
Doing Crime Missions 250 XP to 550 Low

Level Up Mechanics

Leveling up earns you skill points.

Each time Peter or Miles levels up, you will earn one (1) skill point to spend on unlocking skills. Because of this, try to earn XP by doing the recommended activities listed above to learn abilities useful for exploration and combat.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Related Articles

Level cap is set at 60.

The game’s level cap is at 60 which requires a massive amount of XP to reach. Note that you will need max out your level to unlock the Amazing achievement (silver trophy).

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trophies and Achievements List

Whenever you feel tired of doing the main story, try spending time in other optional activities so that you can keep gaining levels toward reaching the limit.

Peter and Miles share the same level.

You do not need to level up Peter or Miles separately as they share each other’s level throughout the game. This also means that both Spider-Men share the amount of skill points you earn so try to unlock skills for each character evenly to avoid one of them being left behind in terms of usable abilities.

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