Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Tips for Combat

Tips for combat in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, including general advice to master the game's combat system for beginners and new players, tips for parrying and using Finishers, and other useful information.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Tips for Combat

Tips for Combat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Combat Tips

General Tips to Master Combat

Weave together basic attacks and abilities.

Try to get comfortable incorporating both basic attacks and abilities into your offense and defense as these let you stay mobile or extend combos in battle. To use them effectively, be sure to familiarize yourself with certain characteristics of your moves such as their effective range, cooldown time, direction (horizontal or vertical), and animation recovery.

Use your Spider Sense to dodge or parry incoming attacks.

Watch for the red indicator that appears above Peter or Miles head as this means that an enemy’s attack is coming your way. From there, watch the color of the flash that appears on the enemy to know whether to evade or parry their assault.

Heavy attacks, indicated by the Spider Sense alert flashing yellow, still cause you to take damage even if you dodge out of the way so parrying them is recommended. Attacks that are marked by a blue flash, meanwhile, cannot be parried so evading them is the best countermeasure.

Accumulate Focus to heal or use powerful attacks.

As you land hits on enemies or successfully perform defensive actions like dodging or parrying, your Focus bar will accumulate charge. Focus is an important resource in battle that is spent when healing or using powerful attacks like Finishers. You will want to keep your Focus bar constantly filled, especially during tough encounters throughout the main story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 How to Heal

Use field objects to your advantage.

Various field objects found in the game can be used on enemies to give you the upper hand in battle. Look for any items you can throw or swing around with your web shooter as these can help you deal with groups of enemies or bosses in the game.

Follow the combat hints displayed at bottom of the HUD.

Y0u can enable combat hints from the game’s settings menu so that suggested actions are regularly displayed at the bottom of the screen during battle. These recommended attacks and maneuvers are often the best courses of action to take to gain the upper-hand against enemies encountered throughout the mains story.

Tips for Parrying

Get a feel for the parry window using your Spider Sense.

Parrying successfully boils down to timing the L1 button when you see the red Spider Sense glow on your character’s head. With enough experience, you can even execute a counter just by getting the enemy’s windup animation down by memory.

Landing a parry causes the attacker to becoming temporarily stunned, giving you time to unload on them with your own attacks before they can recover. Just be sure to be aware of other enemies around you as you may find yourself focusing too much on the foe you want to counter.

Make parrying and dodging easier via adjusting the timing window in the game’s settings.

If you are constantly messing up your dodges and parries, feel free to adjust the active window for these actions from the game’s settings. There are no consequences for enabling various accessibility settings so just leave them on until you are confident enough to take down enemies without them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 How to Parry

Tips for Using Finishers

When should you use finishing moves?

Finishers are powerful special attacks that require at two (2) charges of Focus to perform. Despite their steep meter cost, Finishers will often take out regular enemies in one hit, making them a useful option for ending fights quickly in the game.

Similar to Peter’s Symbiote Rage or Miles’ Mega Venom Blast, Finishers also serve as handy tools to set up a comeback when you are overwhelmed by unfair numbers of foes.

Since healing also spends Focus, try to decide whether recovering health or throwing out a Finisher is the best course of action for your current situation. This decision matters the most during long and drawn-out boss battles, especially on higher Challenge Levels (difficulty modes).

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 How to Perform Finishers

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