Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Accessory List

A list of all accessories in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. These are in-game items that you can use and the list includes the item name, skills, stats, and how to get it.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - All Accessory List

All Accessory List in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Below are all accessory list in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, including in the list are the accessory name, accessory type, details, accessory stats, and effects.

Please note that this page is currently being updated, more information will be added once we get them from official sources.

Accessory Name Details Stats Factor
Power Ring Ring that increases might. Due to wider use of semiomancy, even common folk can acquire one easily.
Price: 170
  • ATK +4
  • N/A
Guarding Ring Ring that bolsters defenses. No doubt the ore produced in Delryk is well-suited to making such a ring.
Price: 170
  • DEF +4
  • N/A
Sapience Ring Ring that grants wisdom. Low-weight accessories are in demand even among masters of semiomancy.
Price: 170
  • INT +4
  • N/A
Tenacity Charm Charm that emanates a resolute spirit. The arts of semiomancy permeate its beautifully woven cloth.
Price: 170
  • GUTS +4
  • N/A
Evasion Charm Wearing this charm will improve your elusiveness. Pleasant to the touch, its cloth provides a sense of comfort.
Price: 170
  • N/A
  • Extends invincibility when dodging 4/60 seconds.
Sacrificial Doll Glass bunny with a special power that triggers when incapacitated. Destined for a sad, broken fate.
Price: 1000
  • N/A
  • This item takes your place when you are incapacitated.
Lucky Rabbit Kept at your side, this stuffed animal protects you through the healing power of bunnies. It is so very fluffy.
Price: 170
  • N/A
  • -17% DMG sustained from critical hits.
Amber Pendant Pendant with special amber and a semiomantic power that blocks poison. Also helps energy circulation.
Price: 820
  • GUTS +5
  • Poisoned Res set to +32 in midair.
Bunny the Lagomower Brooch Brooch made by a certain semiomancer and modeled after the Bunny the Lagomower. Its sharp point will not harm its wearer.
  • Resistance to All Elements +25
  • Resistance to All Ailments +20
  • N/A
tri-Emblum Derived from a symbol for The One Supreme God. May hold the power to create or destroy everything.
  • ATK + 24
  • INT + 24
  • DEF + 24
  • GUTS + 24
  • Resistance to All +10
  • N/A
tri-Emblem Ancient symbol representing The One Supreme God. Holds the power to create or destroy everything.
  • ATK +173
  • INT + 173
  • DEF + 173
  • GUTS + 173
  • Resistance to All +20
  • N/A
Andvaranaut’s Ring Magic ring once owned by a fabled dwarf. Helps its wearer obtain great treasure, but also bears a curse.
  • N/A
  • +160% item drop rate.
  • +210% item drop rate when HIT counter is at or above 50.
Gold Bunny Statue Lovely bunny statue with a golden shine. One long ear brings good luck and the other prosperity.
  • N/A
  • Gain +20% Fol from battle.
  • +35% Fol gained when HIT counter is at or above 50.

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