Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Permanent Events

All permanent events in Star Ocean: The Divine Force (Star Ocean 6), including all unchangeable choices, missable content, and points-of-no-return encountered during the game's main story.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Permanent Events

Permanent Events in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Below is a list of all permanent events, unchangeable choices, missable content, and points-of-no-return in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Keeping these elements in-mind while playing through the game’s main story will help you avoid completely missing out on obtainable items, special events, recruitable characters and other useful features.

Main character cannot be changed afterwards.

The main character you choose at the start of the game cannot be changed at any point afterwards. Because of this, decide carefully whether you want Raymond or Laeticia as the main character as they will be the focus of the storyline. Note that certain elements such as recruitable characters, Character Endings, and Private Actions are also specific to a specific route.

Should You Choose Raymond or Laeticia?

Route-Exclusive Characters

Raymond Route Laeticia Route
Star Ocean: The Divine Force - J.J.JJ Star Ocean: The Divine Force - TheoTheo
Character Gameplay Character Gameplay
A mechanized humanoid wielding a katana. JJ’s playstyle revolves around charging his attacks to make them more powerful and performing timing-intensive counters that increase his VA gauge. A commander in the Aucerian Navy wielding a Halberd. Theo has impressive range with his polearm weapon, able to hit multiple enemies with wide attacks that allow him to plow through groups with ease.

JJ and Theo are only be recruitable in a specific character route. JJ can only become a member of the party on Raymond’s route. Theo, meanwhile, is only recruited on Laeticia’s route.

Characters List

Route-Exclusive Private Actions

Some character relationship events called Private Actions will be different depending on who the main character is. These special events mostly affect your relationship with various allies, ultimately culminating in the Character Ending you get (which may either be platonic or romantic).

Private Actions List and Guide

Route Exclusive Character Endings

Since certain characters can only be recruited on specific story routes, you will miss out on their Character Endings. Before you pick either Raymond or Laeticia, decide which character you want to raise your relationship with to get their respective endings.

Character Endings List and Guide

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