Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Leveling Guide

Leveling guide for Star Ocean: The Divine Force (Star Ocean 6), including how to level up fast, best ways to farm XP, best areas to grind levels, how to get Battle Bonuses, and other useful tips.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Leveling Guide

Leveling Guide for Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Leveling Up

In Star Ocean: The Divine Force (Star Ocean 6), leveling up increases a character’s various stats (parameters) which generally makes them stronger in battle. Skill Points (SP) are also rewarded when you level up, allowing you to learn new skills and abilities from the skill tree to expand your strategic options against a variety of enemies in the game.

SP Farming Guide

Because of these advantages, it is important to take time leveling up your party to prepare for more challenging encounters throughout the game’s main story.

Earn Experience (XP) in Battles to Level Up

To level up, you must earn XP by defeating enemies in the game. Try to explore each new area you discover for new foes that you can try fighting to earn XP. Each battle is also a good way to learn about specific enemy weaknesses, perfectly evading certain moves, and safe openings to attack.

Tips to Level Up Fast

Activate Battle Bonuses using Surprise Attacks.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Battle Bonuses

A good way to rack up as much XP as you can from defeating enemies is to initiate combat using Surprise Attacks. Once you get the drop on a blindsided enemy, Battle Bonuses in the form of additional XP and money (Fol) are rewarded.

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You can perform Surprise Attacks on enemies by coming at them from the air. Try to get into the habit of initiating combat when farming foes for XP as you explore the various locations in the game.

Challenge bosses at Den’mohr Delve.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Den'mohr Delve Boss (Sheltered Toad)

Another good way to earn XP fast is to take on bosses found at Den’mohr Delve. Many of the monsters found in this special dungeon are quite challenging to defeat but reward hefty amounts of XP when you want to gain levels quickly. Rare items which can be used in crafting or sold off for money can also be obtained by destroying specific parts of a boss’ body.

Den’mohr Delve Guide

Unlock Laeticia’s Determined Princess skill.

Having Laeticia’s Determined Princess passive skill increases the amount of XP you gain from battles at the cost of lowering Laeticia’s own abilities. This is very useful for grinding levels through random battles or spending time at Den’mohr Delve.

Lower the game difficulty to Earth.

Note that XP gained on any difficulty level is the same even on Earth (Easy). Because of this, you can simply  lower the difficulty from the game’s settings when farming XP.

Game Difficulty Guide

Best Areas for Leveling

Below are the best areas to farm enemies for XP during the early, middle, and late stages of the game.

Early Stages

Recommended Level

Middle Stages

Recommended Level

Late Stages

Recommended Level

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