Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Meals List

A list of all meals in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. These are in-game melas that you can use and the list includes the meals name, effects, stats, and how to get it.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - All Meals List

All Meals List in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Below are all meals list in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, including in the list are the meal name, details, meal bonus stats, and price.

Please note that this page is currently undergoing updates.


Name Details Effects Price Favorite by:
Vegetable Stir-fry A nutritious dish made with a variety of stir-fired veggies. The crunchy texture is incredible.
  • Earth Res set to +20.
  • +15% damage dealt to Plants.
300 N/A
Ratatouille Sautéed summer veggies stewed with tomatoes. Contains garlic. Avoid eating before a date.
  • GUTS +7%
  • Poisoned Res set to +10.
300 N/A
Custard Pie Filled to the brim with custard. Delectably sweet, and pairs well with tea.
  • +150% less likely to flinch when attacked.
300 Albaird
??? ?
  • ?
? N/A

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