Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Armor List

A list of all armors in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. These are in-game equippment that you can use and the list includes the armor name, skills, stats, and how to get it.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force - All Armor List

All Armor List in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Below are all armors list in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, including in the list are the armor name, item type, details, item stats, and factors.

Please note that this page is currently being updated, more information will be added once we get them from official sources.

Item Name Details Stats Factor
Cuirass Heavy metal armor only protecting the most vulnerable areas so as to limit weight and increase mobility.
Price: 520
  • DEF + 29
  • GUTS +19
Ring Mail Armor made of leather and cloth with iron rings sewn in. Lightweight, but defends against blades and claws.
Price: 520
  • DEF + 24
  • GUTS +24
Justaucorps Long jacker with a name that means “well-fitting”. Many in the past were elaborately decorated.
Price: 520
  • DEF + 18
  • GUTS +27
  • Water Resistance +30
Land Lamina Armor Its iron plates protect the shoulders, chest, and abdomen. Imbued with earth essence through semiomancy.
Price: 1100
  • DEF + 46
  • GUTS +30
  • Earth Resistance +30
Padded Armor Rings, chains, and metal sewn into cloth. In Aster, they commonly add wind essence via semiomancy.
Price: 1100
  • DEF + 38
  • GUTS +38
  • Wind Resistance +30
Linen Curaiss Originated from a linen breastplate. Highly decorative designs have been popping up in recent years.
Price: 1100
  • DEF + 30
  • GUTS +46
  • Wind Resistance +30
Holy Sigrdrifa Its name means “driver to victory”. Made of special steal that wraps around the body as if it were cloth.
  • DEF + 80
  • GUTS +80
Restores 1% HP when chaining combos.

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