Stellar Blade - Best Equipment Build: Exospine and Gear

Best equipment build guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including recommended Exospine and Gear combos during the early-, middle-, and late-game stages, each equipment's unique features and effects, how to get (location), and details on the build.

Stellar Blade - Best Equipment Build

Best Equipment Build: Exospine and Gear Guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

Best Early-Game Equipment

Best Early-Game Exospine: Chain Exospine

  • Damage of combos at level 2 and above is increased by 27 %.
  • Critical hit rate of combo attacks at level 4 and above is increased by 30%.
  • Critical hit damage is increased by 23%.
How to Get Obtained at the 2nd floor of the multi-storey parking lot after defeating Abaddon.

Best Early-Game Gear Combo: Enhanced Combo Attack (★☆☆)

Features Damage of combos at level 2 or above is increased by +14%.
How to Get Obtained at the Silent Street.

The Chain Exospine is the best Exospine for Eve during the game’s early stages which you can get after defeating Abaddon.

When combined with the Enhanced Combo Attack gear, you gain a massive damage increase of about 40% for combos on level 2 or above. This allows you to easily output high damage numbers with little to no reliance on Beta skills which is a good way to save Beta Energy during the early battles.

Best Mid- to Late-Game Equipment (After Clearing Matrix 11)

Best Mid- to Late-Game Exospine: Beta Trans Exospine

  • Beta Energy recovery increased by 12%.
  • Beta Skill damage increased by 12%.
  • Activating a Beta skill gives you a slight chance to go into trance that allows you to use Beta skills without expending Beta Energy.
How to Get Obtained in Matrix 11.

Best Mid- to Late-Game Gear Combos

Gear Effects
Beta Reinforcement (★★☆) Beta skill damage +6.5%.
Beta Reinforcement (★☆☆) Beta skill damage +4.5%.
Beta Charge (★☆☆) Beta Energy recovery increased by 8%.

The Beta Trans Exospine obtained in Matrix 11 is the best Exospine to use from the middle stages of the game onward. At this point in the game, you will have gained better efficiency with Beta Energy while being able to output good damage numbers with Beta skills.

To maximize the use of Beta skills and attack power further, try synergizing the Beta Trans Exospine with gear such as Beta Reinforcement to boost Beta skill damage and Beta Charge to reduce the downtime of being able to activate Beta skills in battle.

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