Stellar Blade - Post-Game Unlockables

Post-game unlockables guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including all new game modes, outfits and costumes, skills, quests, features, and content that become available after clearing the main story, and things to do after beating the game.

Stellar Blade - Post-Game Unlockables Guide

Post-Game Unlockables Guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

Features and Content Unlocked After Beating the Game

Post-Game Unlocked Features
  • New Game Plus (NG+)
  • Hard Mode
  • Raven Nano Suit (EVE)

Clearing the main story of Stellar Blade (Project EVE) on any difficulty mode unlocks New Game Plus (NG+), Hard difficulty mode, and the Raven Nano Suit for Eve.

New Game Plus (NG+)

New Game Plus (NG+) becomes available at the title screen after beating the game, allowing you to replay the main story with data and elements from your first playthrough carried over.

NG+ also includes various additional elements not available on New Game (NG).

Save data is overwritten when starting NG+.

Starting a NG+ playthrough will overwrite your game save data. Once you begin your NG+ run, you will not be able to go back to your previous save file so it is recommended to not to leave anything unfinished before doing so.

New Elements in NG+

NG+ Added Features
  • New Outfits (Exteriors)
  • New Exospine and Gear MK2
  • Weapon/Core/Tumbler level expansion
  • New Skills
  • New Drone Upgrades
  • Change Enemy Position Feature

Features Carried Over in NG+

Below are all features and elements that carry over in NG+.

  • Unlocked Exospines, Gear, and Outfits
  • Unlocked Skills and SP
  • Drone Upgrades
  • Gold (Money)
  • Items
  • Acquired Memory Sticks and Documents
  • Character and Naytiba Information

Features Not Carried Over in NG+

Below are all features and elements that do not carry over in NG+.

  • Main Mission and Side Quest Progress
  • Passcodes
  • Mission Key Items

Hard Mode

Clearing the game’s main story also unlocks Hard difficulty. In this mode, the enemy’s attack power and health are significantly enhanced, allowing you to enjoy the game on a more challenging setting. Note that it is still possible to change the difficulty level from the settings even after starting the game on Hard.

Raven Nano Suit (EVE)

The Raven Nano Suit for Eve is also added in your Exteriors inventory after beating the game and starting NG+.

Stellar Blade Outfits and Accessories List

Things to Do After Beating the Game

Things to Do After Beating the Game
  • Clear all side quests.
  • Max out all parameters and upgrades.
  • Unlock all skills.
  • Unlock all costumes
  • Get all collectibles.
  • Max out bonds with merchants.
  • Unlock all trophies.

Clear all side quests.

After beating the game and starting a new playthrough, try clearing all side quests from NPCs and Bulletin Boards to unlock rewards such as new costumes, rare items, and features you missed in your first run.

Stellar Blade Side Quests List

Max out all parameters and upgrades.

You can also spend the post-game stages maxing out Eve’s different parameters, weapons, and upgrades by getting all Body Cores, Beta Cores, and Tumbler Expansion Modules you did not get during your initial playthrough.

Note that NG+ increases the level cap of certain parameters so try to max out all enhancements available as much as possible.

Unlock all skills.

Twelve (12) new skills are added to Eve’s skill trees upon starting NG+ which will require a lot of SP to learn. Because of this, you are likely to spend a lot of time farming SP by taking down enemies to unlock these new abilities.

Unlock all costumes.

In addition to new costumes and accessories for Eve, outfits and cosmetics for Adam, Lily, and the Drone become obtainable after beating the game. Be sure to collect all of these Exteriors as well as those you missed getting the first time around.

Stellar Blade Outfits and Accessories List

Get All Collectibles

There are several types of collectibles in the game, ranging from Memory Sticks, Documents, and Passcodes. Each of these collectibles has an achievement tied to them in the game which you should aim to unlock to get 100% completion.

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Max out bonds with merchants.

By increasing your bond with various merchants, you will be able to purchase new items added to their shop’s lineup. These include rare items like outfits for Eve so it is recommended to raise your trust with shop owners to the highest possible level  in the game.

Unlock all trophies and achievements.

You will not be able to unlock all trophies and achievements in the game by simply progressing through the main story mission. Some achievements require you to meet very specific conditions that you should familiarize yourself with throughout your run.

Stellar Blade Trophies and Achievements List

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