Stellar Blade - How to Recover HP

A guide on how to recover HP for Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including all methods to heal and restore EVE's health and other useful tips.

Stellar Blade - How to Recover HP

How to Recover HP Guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

Ways to Recover HP

Ways to Recover HP
  • Use healing items.
  • Rest at camps.
  • Use equipment that have healing effects.

Use healing items.

You can use healing items to restore HP in Stellar Blade (Project EVE) by pressing ↑ on the directional pad (D-pad). Note that you can also change the assigned healing item used by holding ↑ on the D-pad and tilting the right analog stick.

Input Action
D-Pad ↑ Use healing item.
Tilt Right Analog Stick + D-Pad ↑ (Hold) Assign healing item.

Stellar Blade How to Use Items

Prioritize using the Rechargeable Tumbler while going through the main story.

The Rechargeable Tumbler is a healing item that EVE starts with in the beginning of the game. This item’s number of uses can be replenished by resting at camps and works similarly to healing flasks in many popular action games and action RPGs

You can also increase the Rechargeable Tumbler’s number of use using Repair Consoles found throughout the game.

Purchase other items from the shop.

Other healing items such as High Concentration Potions can be purchased from vending machines at camps. It is also possible to find curatives from containers and other supply gathering points in the game.

Rest at camp.

EVE’s HP is fully-restored when you rest at camps. As mentioned, spending time to recuperate at any camp will replenish all Rechargeable Tumbler uses.

Enemies in the area, however, will respawn each time you rest at camp.

Use equipment that have healing effects.

Some equipment will heal EVE’s HP when certain conditions are met. As you go through the game, feel free to experiment with different equipment depending on the type of enemies encountered and decide whether you will need improved survivability via equipment with healing properties or those that bestow increased damage output in battle.

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