Stellar Blade - How to Shoot (Gun Attacks)

A guide on how to shoot for Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including how to unlock EVE's gun, gun attacks mechanics, long-range gun controls, gun ammo list, and other useful tips.

Stellar Blade - How to Shoot (Gun Attacks)

How to Shoot (Gun Attacks) Guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

How to Unlock EVE’s Gun

Unlocked during the main story.

EVE’s gun in Stellar Blade (Project EVE) becomes usable by progressing through the main story. More information on this will be added when it is confirmed in the game.

Gun Attack Mechanics

Gun Attack Mechanics
  • Hold L2 to aim and press R2 to fire.
  • Use the left analog stick to move while using your gun.
  • Control aim with the right analog stick.
  • Gain increased gun damage after Repulse.
  • *Currently only available for boss challenges

Hold L2 to aim and press R2 to fire.

Press L2 to go into shoot mode and press R2 to fire. Basic ammo are used by simply pressing the R2 button. Some ammo such as Charge Blasters, meanwhile, cannot be used unless you hold down the R2 button.

Input Action
L2 (Hold) + R2 Shoot gun.

Use the left analog stick to move while using your gun.

You can also move by tilting the left analog stick while in shoot mode. This allows you to fire your gun while moving. Be careful though, as your movement speed is decreased while doing so.

Input Action
Tilt left analog stick + L2 (Hold) + R2 Shoot gun while moving.

Control aim with the right analog stick.

You can also manually aim your gun by tilting the right analog stick which is useful for hitting moving enemies.

Input Action
Tilt right analog stick + L2 (Hold) + R2 Control aim.

Gain increased gun damage after Repulse.

EVE gains increased gun damage for a fixed period after the enemy is in the Repulsed state. When you see the enemy glow purple, aim for Repulse and follow-up with a series of gun attacks.

When the enemy’s weak point is exposed, aim for it.

Some enemies will have their weak points highlighted after Repulse. Attacking a weak point will deal increased damage to an enemy, so aim to attack their vulnerable points as much as possible.

How to Change Gun Ammo

Tilt the right analog stick while pressing and holding L2 and D-Pad ↓.

Input Action
Tilt the right analog stick + L2 (Hold) and D-Pad ↓ (Hold) Change ammo.

You can change the type of ammo you have equipped on your gun by holding down the D-pad and L2 (while in shoot/aim mode).

Ammo List and Features

Ammo Features
Slug Ammo Default ammunition in shooting mode. Can be fired continuously by holding down the button.
Blaster Cell An energy cell that fires a charged blaster when held down. It takes time to charge, but it is powerful.

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