Stellar Blade - How to Scan

A guide on how to scan for Stellar Blade (Project EVE), including required control input to scan your surroundings, things to do using scan, and other useful tips.

Stellar Blade - How to Scan

How to Scan Guide for Stellar Blade (Project EVE)

Press the touchpad during exploration or combat.

To scan your surroundings in Stellar Blade (Project EVE), press the touchpad button while exploring or while engaged in combat.

Cannot be used rapidly.

Once you have activated scanning, you will not be able to scan again for a brief period. .If you do so, “Preparing to Scan” will simply appear on the left side of the screen which forces you to wait for a bit before being able to scan again.

Things to Do Using Scan

Scan to find the location of enemies and NPCs.

Upon scanning, the location of enemies, NPCs, containers, and other objects to check out will be highlighted on the screen. It is even possible to mark the location of objects behind walls, such as enemies waiting to ambush you or hidden items that are completely camouflaged from view as long as you are within range when you scan.

Scan to find climbable objects.

Handholds, protrusions, and other objects that allow you to climb walls will also be displayed after scanning. These objects, however, are more easily missable compared to enemies or blinks in the surrounding area which are more clearly highlighted via scanning.

Because of this, make sure to scan various areas carefully such areas that are on high ground where containers may be found.

Breakable boxes are not highlighted during scan.

Breakable boxes are not highlighted when you scan. Although these containers usually do not contain valuable items, though they may yield materials when you destroy them which you should not overlook.

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